Essays on Stroop Effect

The Stroop Effect Investigation

The stroop effect is used to investigate ones processing and reaction speed, to be able to conduct this experiment a participant must read from a list of words for colours, but the words are printed in colour different to the word itself. For example, the word ‘orange’ would be listed as text but printed in...
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Stroop Test In The Study Of Colour Interference

Abstract Interference involves vision and takes place when one is trying to remember information and something similar inhibits it. Various studies have been done on the speed and ability of processing retaining information as well as resolving interference in working memory. The current study sought to test the theory of interference and word speed processing....
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Peculiarities Of The Stroop Effect

The Stroop effect is a phenomenon that studies how distractions affect the reaction time while doing a particular task. The Stroop effect is an occurrence in the field of experimental psychology which was first noted by John Ridley Stroop in 1935. It was further researched on by other scientists in Germany and even published. It...
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