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Definition Of Student Development Theory

College can be a very rewarding, intimidating, exciting, scary, happy experience to students. It represents a time in their lives where they are starting to be considered adults and cut ties from parents. This time in their lives is considered a transition. According to webster’s dictionary, a transition is passage from one state, stage, subject,...
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Student Loan Crisis in America

The student loan crisis is the biggest issue affecting young adults in America. Many economists are suggesting that it may be the most devastating economic the recession during the President Bush administration. A smaller segment of economists is concerned that the economic downside of the student loan debt may be even greater than The Great...
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Reasons Why Students Exchange Program Is Important

University’s life is one of the most important times because it is the period between being a teenager and growing up to be an adult. It is the significant years of my life to get ready and prepare myself the useful skills before I graduate. So, all the experiences in this period are so important...
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Student Orientation And Adventure Programs

Outdoor orientation programs as a means of helping students to transition into college have experienced significant growth over the past decade. This is because universities strive to understand and meet the needs of young adults in transition. Early weeks of transition according to several studies may be important for long-term college adjustment. This is because...
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Arab Student Problems In Learning English

Nowadays English language has been an important role in our daily life. It opens a window to communicate with other people in all over the world, knowing news about the world and open chance to study and work outside the Arab countries. English teachers face a lot of problems when teaching English to Arab students...
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What A Good Student Looks Like

A good student is someone who has the following qualities: Respectful, gets help whether its inside help or outside help, and is organized. First, being respectful is the least important quality of a good student. A respectful student raises their hand in class and does not blurt out. They also use manners when speaking to...
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Students

In a presentation of generalizations, college professor Thomas H. Benton writes a one sided “sermon” about the everyday mistakes college students make in his article, “The Seven Deadly Sins of Students”. The analysis crawls with biased personal opinion and compares the errors made by undergraduates to the grand Christian teachings, against law: the seven deadly...
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Student Mother: Advantages, Struggles and Challenges

Introduction Education is recognized as an instrument in every student development and female’s individual rights, the attribute of female student reproduction become a hindrance in achieving their full potential in scholastic behavior (Moghadam et al., 2015). It is drawn on social talks related with parenthood and education when taking care of their child and schooling...
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The Challenges First-generation Students Face

Being a college student is hard enough, but one thing that is certain is the fact that the challenges a college student might face are heightened when they’re the first generation of students who are seeking an education in their family. In today’s society, many people are looking to pursue higher education so that they...
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Effects Of Social Media On International Students

Study of effects of excessive indulgence in social media in NTIC students. Aims of your research The aim of this research is to evaluate how social media affects the daily lives of international students at NTIC. Along with depicting a positive correlation between the use of social networking sites and diminishing imaginative reasoning, intellectual capacity...
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