Essays on Study Abroad Scholarship

Reflection About Study Abroad Pros

A common topic that lots of adults have been talking about. Whether to study abroad is not that simple as what one’s think. I believed that for every decision that should be made have two sides of stories whether it will benefit the student or bring disadvantage to the students. Should I would like to...

International Study: China Students Issues

Abstract The purpose of this research is to identify issues among oversea students from mainland China and come out with some corresponding solutions. Introduction In the Chinese competitive job market, Chinese students are needed to well equip themselves to stand out from the crowd. Thus, oversea study became a popular channel for Chinese students to...
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Students Should Go To Study Abroad

Nowadays, to achieve higher education is very important for students to get a better job. Therefore, they need to find the most suitable university for them because the choice that they makes will affect to their future career. Some students choose to study in their own country and other of them decide to go to...
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