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The Impact Of Internet On Subculture

If someone’s life revolves around specific values, interests, or styles, they are most likely part of a subculture. Subcultures are an important part of life for many people. They have been around for ages, and people begin really immersing themselves during their teenage years. Their time spent in a subculture can greatly impact the rest...
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American And Subcultural Theories On The Cause Of Juvenile Criminality

Within cultures, there are small groups of people that share similar norms, values, and interests which make up subcultures. A definition of the subculture is the lower and deviant status of social groups labelled as this. These labelled groupings are distinguished by their class, ethnicity, language, poor and working-class situations (Cutler, 2006); age or generation...
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The Development Of Youth Subculture From Britain To Berlin

When subculture firstly appeared in Britain it was clear people were not just belonging to a group by their way of dressing. It was more about, how Barker would say a ,,whole way of life’’ (2012). Several aspects in the late 70’s and 80’s lead to an entire development and movement of these. The establishment...
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