Supersize Me: Fast Food Restaurants Advertisements

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According to the film, I see that spur lock open his own farm to raise the chicken and he looked up the location with Morgan and Brick. In this film, I understand one thing that there is one goal of how to support the struggler farmer who raises the chicken in the US. He also recognized that the chicken comes from their chicken farmers and some of them brought in their local procedures. In the film, he mentioned that the chicken defense food which helps and support the struggling farmers for their legal action which against other giant chicken corporations and they create more education of particular issue. He mentions that burger or patty chicken affect people’s healthier choice and healthier change effect. He also mentioned his firm as a more organic farm because of its shows the agriculture experiment. According to the film, I learned that chicken farm is the largest product with their lobbyists who protect their interest. Supersize films present the big chicken, which produces ninety per cent of all the poultry consumed in the US. According to big chicken seen with supersize me, he calls to inquire for setting up the farm and met with some resistance. When he inquires, he saw that lot of male chickens grow faster because they are big and they have long feathers to cover them for their development. After few weeks later, they were ready for dinner but it their growth has led to danger health consequences to some birds in his farm like bone break and some of them die. Lastly, I said that the film show that we eat a, lot of burgers or chicken every day, how it affected on the body and how it works.

Did this documentary make you question what you previously thought about how fast food restaurants advertise their food or what they are currently selling?

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When spur lock went to the lab with food scientist and chef to differentiate the fried or crispy chicken. He realized that the chicken is crispy because the grilled looked something different. In his restaurants, he mentioned that truth is on the menu because the food packages to the walls, everything goes under control he trade secret like fast food companies convince people that how junk food are healthier for people. He also mentioned that big chicken shows the top chicken procedure and some companies do the partnership with chicken farmers and compress their people’s livelihood. He also told that his farms show the one-sided hot piece in the food industry and provide Americans with healthier and affordable protein. He also mentioned that his big chicken aim to empty the chicken industry and break down and also mislead his spark lock saying phrases like a natural, artisan. He also said that there are some places that raise chicken in the range. People imagine that there are some places where chickens get to go and it shows the difference far and few reportative industries. He also shows the transparency goal which help shatter illusions and makes people to do the costumer.


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