Essays on Surgery

Surgery: Definition And Robotic-assisted Surgeries

Since its introduction to the healthcare system, robotic surgical systems (RSS) have become routinely used in minimally invasive general surgery (MIGS). Multi-disciplinary research has shown robotic surgical systems provide increased precision, lowered overall costs, reduced exposure of infectious diseases, and a more overall ergonomic workload. This emerging technology provides patients, undergoing minimally invasive procedures, access...
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Pros Of Cosmetic Surgery

First of all, let me begin by introducing what cosmetic surgery is. Cosmetic surgery is a surgery done to reshape and change the presence of a body part. It might change the structure, position, shading or surface of a body part or highlight and is initiated by a person who is unsatisfied with their appearance....

Analysis Of Popularity Of Cosmetic Surgery

Why are women willing to put themselves under the knives? There are many women who have undergone a cosmetic surgery as they feel the need to meet society’s expectations of beauty. Cosmetic surgery is an operation which enhances a person’s physical appearances. As science and technology are developing, the surgical techniques are evolving. As a...
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