Essays on Sustainability

Elements Of Sustainability And Sustainable Risk Management

The adaption of a sustainability paradigm in the current world is very crucial. Sustainability does not only help in improving people’s health but also assists in improving their quality of life since it aims at ensuring that the available resources are effectively used. As years pass by demand for sustainable developments has increased. Many institutions...
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Sustainability: Literature Analysis

In her analysis “The sustainability out of the past”, Erika Guttmann-Bond maintains that the Green Revolution of the 1960s was vitally crucial in the promotion of food production using new technology. She adds that many countries missed out on this critical revolution, and their health and environmental impacts have been substantial. This paper aims to...
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Sustainability As a Recognized Issue within the Fashion Industry

Introduction Imagine a situation where a fashion consumer is choosing between a sustainable and a non- sustainable T-shirt. Both T-shirts have the same design, quality and aesthetics, but are produced in two different ways – one is sustainably produced and one is not. The question is what factors are influencing consumers’ purchasing decision in advantage...
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Music Festivals And Environmental Sustainability

Introduction Studying environmentally responsible behaviours at outdoor music events on site is important due to the negative environmental damage that can be triggered when these events are hosted. Given the increasing interest by event managers in developing strategies to promote environmentally friendly behaviours of attendees, this task remains a challenge as attendees’ may be disinterested...
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Conservation Of Aquatic Biodiversity And Environmental Sustainability

Introduction Conservation of aquatic biodiversity has been one of the major concerns with respect to maintaining environmental sustainability, food stock production and regulation, recreational and commercial water activities. Humans have been dependent on aquatic resources for food, medicines, tourism, recreational and commercial needs since the early settlement of man and the commencement of industrialization. Marine...
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Principles Of Sustainability And Triple Bottom Line

The urge for the survival of mankind has caused the earth to lose its perfect way of survival and pushing our planet into the brink of extinction. We must co-exist with nature so as to lengthen the lifetime of both nature and humans. Sustainability may be defined as the capability to sustain life on the...
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Corporate Sustainability In A Global Business Environment

Introduction Sustainable development is the ability of humans to meet the desires of present generations without compromising on the needs of destiny generations. The concept of sustainable development is often interpreted in various different ways, but at the core of this is the motive to maintain a balance between development and the need to protect...
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Smart City As A Novel Solution To Achieve Sustainable Urbanization

Smart Cities: Some Examples London: London has been involved in a smart and sustainable process for several years. It had automated congestion pricing; city levies a surcharge on single-occupancy vehicles. The city has also developed a system to encourage walking: Pedestrians are accompanied throughout their journey through interactive terminals. Also, Mayor gets data analysis of...
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Energy And Waste Sustainability In Australia And Iceland

Sustainability: – Sustainability is defined as the process of utilization of resources by the present generation without affecting the requirements of future generations to fulfil their needs is termed as Sustainability. The World is facing serious problems concerning the depletion of natural resources. to avoid this problem, sustainable resource management in waste and energy is...
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