Essays on Sylvia Plath

Analysis Of The Poem Lady Lazarus By Sylvia Plath’s

Sylvia Plath’s poem “Lady Lazarus” is a tormented, yet powerful narrative work in which a woman recounts her grueling and depressing life in a man’s world. The speaker in this poem is interchangeable with Plath herself, reflecting the writer’s inner turmoil following a messy split from her husband and a growing sense of bitterness. While...

The Cultural And Intellectual Legacy Of Lady Lazarus

Lady Lazarus (1965) is arguably Sylvia Plath’s most renowned literary piece, drawing upon a series of historical and artistic influences to render the poet’s attempt to not only define the ‘self’ but re-construct it. As a part of Plath’s final collection of poems, Lady Lazarus assumes an autobiographical nature; however, more recent critics have acknowledged...

Reflection Of Women's Life In Mirror By Sylvia Plath

The “Mirror” was written by Sylvia Plath in 1961 but wasn’t published until 1971, eight years after her death by suicide. The free-verse poem tells the story of a woman who constantly looks at her reflection first in a mirror and in a lake. The poem is written from the mirror’s point of view and...
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Poems And Fate Of Sylvia Plath

Poetry can deliver a special magnitude of given feelings and ideas. Poets do this by using extraordinary rhythms and styles. One of the most influential, intelligent, and admired poets in the 20th century was no one other than Sylvia Plath. This poet was considered massively dynamic, Plath scrutinizes her ambition by using death, self, and...
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