Essays on Teaching

Blended Learning Approach In English Language Teaching

Abstract In the 21st century, information and communication technologies) have developed rapidly and influenced most of the fields and education as well. Then, ICT have offered a favorable environment for the development and use of various methods and tools. With the developments in technology, blended learning has gained considerable popularity in training and education in...
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The Foundation Of My Teaching Philosophy

The foundation of my teaching philosophy was inspired by my most respected and beloved professors throughout my education. During this influential time, I discovered that effective professors must excel at multiple roles including stimulating lifelong learning, encouraging critical thinking skills, exhibiting constructive interpersonal communication, and serving as role models. These roles may be challenging and...
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Teaching Is More Than Acquiring A Set Of Skills

This essay aims to determine whether or not teaching is more than acquiring a set of skills. No doubt teaching requires certain skills but I think a caring, dedicated and positive personality suits the profession best. Firstly I am going to discuss what teaching is. We often ask ourselves “how” we are going to teach...
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Critical Review on the Concept of Professionalism within Teaching: Definition and Factors

Professionalism is an intricate and composite subject to discuss which has been widely cerebrating people’s minds over the years. The concept of professionalism in teaching is always controversial and a popular topic in scholarly debates. There are multiple interpretations and conceptions for teacher professionalism in sociological, educational and ideological contexts which changed and developed over...
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