Essays on Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy: What Makes You A Good Teacher

What will make me a ‘good’ music teacher? I’ve considered this in detail and my experiences on my first placement have allowed me to form my own teaching philosophy. This essay will begin with what I believed to be the fundamentals of a good teacher. A good teacher cares about the young people they are...
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Professional Philosophy In Teaching

My teaching philosophy has been greatly influenced by the early childhood teacher who positively enriched my children’s lives. This further influenced my career choices and my view on young children and teaching. A career in early childhood education is a rewarding career as it equips, shapes and empowers the up and coming generations. Early childhood...
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Statement Of Teaching Philosophy As A History Teacher

In this statement will discuss what were my beliefs and how they contributed in my teaching philosophy; before starting my education degree; and will also add how my views got changed and challenged to create a unique philosophy; that represents me as an incoming teacher. I had different views and perspective on how to become...
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