Teamwork As A Key To Accomplish A Goal Or A Challenging Task

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Teamwork is absolutely necessary when it comes to accomplishing a goal or a challenging task. Most people think and say that they don’t need help in any project or achieving a goal, however, teamwork is needed for most cases where one does a task alone. Accomplishing a big goal alone without any help from others could cause anxiety, stress, injuries, fatigue, and more. On the other hand, when accomplishing a task, working as a team is most likely to get rid of all the problems and get things done quicker. Teamwork can also be a great way to finish something on time. Moreover, as they do that, they get to know each other more, leading them to cooperate more often. When they feel comfortable, they get to work with each other, instruct or help each other out regularly. In addition, teamwork is needed almost in everyday life even when you are trying to reach a goal alone because people can share ideas and improve and develop their design as time passes. Preparation is a major part of teamwork, and can develop through using teamwork. They would most likely understand each other, learn from others, be prepared, and develop creativity.

When accomplishing goals, using teamwork can get tasks done quicker and simpler and move further in life. For example, a group of people can get things done more efficiently without fatigue by splitting tasks. In time, the team turns more into a community of people understanding and playing their role. According to Source #1, it states, “Washington communicated instructions to workers by writing notes to them.” This shows that they helped each other out and cooperated with each other because one instructed the workers, leading them to have their own roles and learn from one another to improve each other. This shows that they guided and supported each other, indicating that it caused less stress for workers because one can get instant help instead of stalling for time. Moreover, In Source #2, a group of climbers attempted to climb the mountain with a different route that no one has tried before. It was said that the journey to the summit was easier because they discovered how they can cross through the Khumbu Icefall. This confirms that they uncovered a unique strategy to make their route more convenient. With the help of many people, teamwork can decrease the chance of getting injured while on the side, the team can hold more cooperation from workers.

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Teamwork is a great way to cooperate with each other and help each other out. Cooperation can lead to a strong relationship and bond together. When they do this, they get to learn from one another and improve each other as well. For example, they can discuss and share ideas/strategies to fulfill their needs. Team members can also have the opportunity to learn from each other so they can improve each other’s abilities in perfecting a project. For specification, they have a chance to plan things out in advance and develop creativity to improve their design, which affects their accomplishment. In source #1, it said that the workers had a plan of building caissons. Its purpose was to block out water from reaching inside. Inventions like this that were hand made were useful and made the bridge simpler to develop it. Moreover, in Source #2, two climbers, Mallory and Irvine, were challenged and determined to climb the tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. Like them, since they were partners, they might have helped each other out when it was required because masks were restricted in their time, proving that it would have been dangerous for them, with very little oxygen. In addition, It was said that if one of them obtained a single symptom, it would have affected their journey severely and could have easily become lost or stuck. Since they were partners, they could have lended a helping hand and assisted each other because they had connections. Without a connection or relationship between the team, they would not be able to achieve their goal. When team members cooperate, they are most likely to have more positive relationships. Teamwork can encourage team members to cooperate and interact with each other and make tasks easier to complete.

Working as a team can prepare one for many challenging responsibilities. For example, in Source #2, climbers had to be prepared in order to survive. In the text, it says that Raymond Lambert and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay had to plan beforehand when they were going to climb Mt. Everest.

In conclusion, teamwork is key when accomplishing a goal or a difficult task. Teamwork can involve efficiency, cooperation, and preparation. They all have positive effects on accomplishing a task. For example, with teamwork, a team get tasks done quicker, help each other out, and can get you ready for an upcoming mission. Working in teams allows people to improve  


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