Teamwork Theory: Effectiveness And Importance

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Teamwork theory

Teamwork can be defined as a group of individuals that work together to achieve the same goals and provide a great quality of services to employer. However, teamwork also has ability to make sure the teams have a higher level of emotional security, self-confidence, and ability to plan or decide with other members of teams. In additional, work as a team also help in creating a healthy work environment with creative activities, values and positive planning.

Effectiveness of teamwork theory

Effectiveness teamwork theory means to evaluate the impact on the performance of teamwork whether the concept of teamwork is helpful to facilitate the developmental process in the organization (Oseiboakye, 2015). However, the first that makes teamwork effective is effective communication. Teams will be more effective with communication regularly in the organization. The interaction between teams and member are necessary to ensure all teams have a great collaboration between each other. For example, make a regular meeting are a good way to discuss the ongoing activities, discuss new assignments, share idea, and exchange opinion. Therefore, to ensure all people communication very well is through listening. Make it clear that all ideas will be considered, and really listen to what everyone else is saying before commenting.

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Good teams do not happen by strong reliable leadership. According to article, the best leader is follow through on their commitments or “walk the talk”. As a leader it also needs to establish an organizational environment in each member to ensure it can reflect and analyse relationships with other team members. In additional, the leader must encourage the resolution on any conflicts and openly negotiate necessary changes or also deal with the problems quickly.

The Importance of Teamwork theory

Teamwork is important to accomplish the objective and goals of an organization, without teamwork, organization cannot run smoothly. The first benefit of teamwork is teamwork can give motivates to among members. According to the Shada Wehbe (2017), a teamwork environment in the organization promotes an environment that fosters relationship and loyalty. When close relationship happen it can give more motivate to the people and employees in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another. However, when the leader not encouraged teamwork environment occur in the organization, it can cause many challenges toward achieving the goals and objectives of company. This environment can create employees become more focused on promoting their own achievement and unhealthy competing with other colleagues. Next, it also can lead to inefficient working environment.

Another important of teamwork is teamwork provides improved efficiency and productivity. When teamwork has created, the employees become more efficient and productive. The author says this is because it allows the workload to be shared, reducing the pressure on individuals, and ensure the tasks can be completed on time. However, when employees become more efficiency and productivity, the goals can be more attainable, improve the performance, improves job satisfaction and increases quality of work. For example, works with group more efficient output and able to complete task on time compare to the one person working alone, because the same objectives and goals of the business.

The challenges of teamwork

Teamwork is the good to connecting with teammates, with the work and with a common goal or purpose. But, sometimes it can be a challenges. According to the article by Bev Attfield, the first challenges of teamwork is building trust among team member. The key to make a team become a good is build trust, it is because without trust it can block of all relationship and also can break down a team because it threatens productivity, creates a toxic culture and shuts down communication. However, high trust environment may help people to have better experiences because it feels safe and connected to the others teams. Therefore, without trust among team members it also can de-motivates team which is it can give impact to the organization business.

Second challenges of teamwork are poor communication. Office teamwork is very important to ensure all the task can be done on time. Communication involves sending a clear massage, ensuring that the recipient understand and responding to any inquiries for clarification. However, poor communication also is one of problem in organization that cause unclear objectives or change from the large group to a small group. When team members have misunderstood each other, it can lead to conflict. For example, when supervisor sending unclearly roles, responsibilities and task, it might be confusion to teamwork, when they think they are need to finish the same task such as writing report. Therefore, to avoid poor communication happen in organization, the supervisor can make list team member names, and task to avoid one of team get wrong information.

Application of the trainee about teamwork

Smart Global Management & Consultancy makes a teamwork as them prioritize element as a key for them develop successfully become a competitive company secretary in Seberang Jaya. I was located at assistance company secretary department where it involving advantages on learning how to incorporate new company, renew license company, and also provide the other services such as Contractor services centre (PKK), and also Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). As the small company with three workers including me, the teamwork theory is easily engage in this department because the number of workers in this department is small. My supervisor has ability to strengthen the element of teamwork as all the task given finished on time without delay and successfully make the job equally distributed. However, the workers do not feel demotivated in doing their task and also they fully believed on their teamwork.

On the first day my internship, staff at Smart Global Management & Consultancy was introduce about the background of the company, mission and vision of company and also explain about the task what I need to do. what I can see form this department, they have good teamwork through communication. When teamwork has a good communication the task given by them can be finish on time. It is also can avoid from miss communication between workers. They also help student internship if we have a problem and not understand about the task. For example, they help in term of making a log book report. Each task given by senior staff, they will explain on how to make, why need to finish the task, and explain each section why we need to use this section. From that, we can more understand about task and easy to write in the log book report.

However, the second teamwork I also can see in my department, the top management which is Puan Suraya Hanim show a good teamwork. it is because, the task given by top management is clearly and easy to understood by workers. For example, she asks me to prepare four copy document for client. This document for company that has new incorporation. Puan Suraya explain to me very clearly about the types of document, which section of document, and how to organize the document by section and all the document need to put on envelope before submit to the client. From that, I can see that the instruction given by Puan Suraya is clear and I can follow the instruction to finish my task. Not only that, the staff at Smart Global Management & Consultancy also show the good teamwork which is assist me to complete many task during my internship, especially my senior staff namely kak Ariana who taught me a lot. In my internship place, my senior staff show a very good teamwork whereby they can sort out document every single day. For example, they were assist me on how to login Mycoid, to appoint, resign secretary and change register address under section 236, login MBRS website to lodge the annual return, incorporation new company under section 14, and also complete Return of Allotment of shares (ROA) under section 78. This is show that every department have teamwork spirit that makes all the client document can be submit and finish on time without delay. We help each other to make sure we give the best for company. Therefore, teamwork is important to provides improved efficiency and productivity. When teamwork has been creating, the employees become more efficient and productive. This is because it allows the workload to be shared, reducing the pressure on workers, and ensure the tasks can be completed on time.


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