Technology In Our Everyday Life: Pros And Cons

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Technology has changed the way the world functions on day-to-day basis. In each and every section technology has affected, for some it has affected positively but for some it is just the opposite. In the field of business technology has affected positively like by having high-tech machines, manufacturing of products has increased on daily basis i.e. the quantity of product which is produced today with high-tech machines is much more than it was when the products were handmade or made with low-tech machines.

Technology has affected in the education system. At earlier when there was no technology people were more creative and hardworking. As at that time every work they need to do by themselves. There was no technology which would distract them, they would just focuses on the work they would be allotted. But now-a-days everyone’s creativeness is decreased, as now if any topic is given for essay, they would firstly searches it on internet rather than trying by themselves. People now-a-days checks their social media apps more often during their working hours. Due to this productivity has decreased as now everyone is more interested in checking their Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook rather than do work and earn a living.

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Many students are spending more time using technology than doing study or school work. This makes them distracted from their work and makes it difficult for them to achieve their respective goals. Students spend maximum of their time on technology whether they are playing video games or using social media. This is taking their attention from their goals and on what they need to do in future. Some of them pays attention more on games which affects their results. They should use technology for their knowledge not for wasting time, they should focuses more on studies. Using technology continuously may cause students to have a shorter attention span. By not doing school work and playing games and using social media could cause students to have a harder time focusing in class

By playing aggressive games, may affect the students mind and it may happen that the student would become aggressive and would fight on little things. It would affect a child’s behavior to be worse. They won’t be able to concentrate on class and would be distracting for other students and teachers. Some people says technology is sometimes needed so people can look things which is no wrong. Sometimes kids need to find things on internet which is right but they should first ask adults for help which may not make them distracted and loose focus from studies. The role of technology in educational sphere and in information processing is invaluable but at the same time it makes a mental habit of multitasking and staying online in social media have negative impact on student’s ability to process information.

One of the most distracting form of technology is video games. The more time we plays video games it is harder for us to interact with others. Doctors also says to parents not to allow their children use technology often as it contributes to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). The best way to limit the distraction of technology is to avoid it.

Technology has not only affected the studies of student but has also affected their health and communication skills in real life. Students just uses this various types of technology by staying indoors which makes them unhealthy. They are not doing any exercise and also not playing outdoor games which ultimately affects their health. They don’t go in parks and meet new people which is affecting their communication skills and they are not interacting with new peoples and not making new friends. People now-a-days are lacking communication skills which is a serious point to be concerned about it. In any function or get together everyone are just using their mobile phones and are not interacting with others. This can affect the relation between the two as now people are just doing show off their latest electronic gadgets.

The best advice can be given for avoiding distraction from technology is to unplug the computer, video games, switch off mobile phones, disconnect WiFi. Spent time with your family, friends talk about the day, go for picnic, rather than palying video games all day. Read books rather than reading feeds on social media. Have good dinner with family rather than posting pictures of food in various social media. Start doing yoga and exercise which will make you concentrate on your work and will avoid you to get distracted form your work. Once you stop using excess of technology your concentration will increase which will ultimately increases your productivity and will make you fit and healthy.

Technology not only affects are lifestyle but it makes it more easier. As discussed above, that technology makes students less creative but it can also helps them to research more deeply on a given topics. It can give more good points which can help them to learn more of that particular point. Information on websites are regularly updated and are mostly to the point which make it easier as they get newly updates and everyone are aware of the current affairs. From the way technology is upgrading it is obvious that coming years will totally be digitalized and technology focused. If students are well known with the technology at an early age it will be beneficial for them to and will not find any kind of trouble in fitting in, competing or finding jobs in future. Being familiar with at least one form of technology at early age will help them becoming more comfortable, and eventually develop other skills which will be necessary for other innovative devices and processes.

Technology not only benefits students in education but also helps teaches in creating an exciting way to educate. Gone are those days when teachers would come with books and reference books with pages not less than 200-300. Students need to carry those books to school almost every working day with loads of weight on their shoulders. But now-a-days we hardly see any students carry books to school, college. Now students don’t need reference books to get their doubts solved. Teachers now uses images, videos, and other graphics when delivering lesson. By this the students are not tired as it is a bit tiring when studying with only books in which there is hardly one or two pictures in it. There are some topics which can be understand by videos or pictures and here technology helps teachers by using the videos and images to let their students by making their concept more clear. Specific websites, apps, and programs will vary on how they provide instructions. This creates and exciting environment and promotes interest in students. Many of the students are using Skype to clear the doubts by interacting with teachers face to face. Teachers gives important points on power point presentation and can send it to students through emails which make it easy to circulate the important points easily and fastly. Technology can make teachers track everything from attendance to quiz performance to project submission to assignment submission.

Now-a-days various apps like Byjus’s which is a learning app helps students to make their doubt clear at home. They can now clear the concepts which they had faced difficult while studying it at school or college. Like Byju’s there are various other online platforms where students and teachers can give their opinion or answer of various topics and questions respectively which are asked online by other peoples. Such an online platform in Quora. It is an online platform which makes a student to ask any question and let other answer the it or make them give their opinion on it. More such websites are their which gives opportunity to express their views on given topic.

Like a coin has two sides technology also has two sides. One is good and other is bad. We solely cannot decide that whether technology is distracting or not distracting someone. It’s their own personal opinion. At some points we can say technology is not used wisely or can be said that it is used more frequently. If we asked our elders whether technology is distracting form are goals than they might agree with that as they are not used to it and they didn’t have this facility at their early age. But we ask the same question to someone of same age of ours then they would say it is more beneficial as it helps them to complete their assignment work, project work, etc. I think both are right to their point. It is very difficult for someone to answer the question whether they are distracted by technology or not as now they might be totally depended on it.


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