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What is Technology Literacy? It mean that the capability to have information, the capacity for selecting, applying correctly, monitoring as well as evaluating suitable knowledge set within perspective. Technology literacy refers to the capability of the person how they interact with work and compete with other people where he becomes responsible, appropriate and efficient to use the device of technology such as accessing, managing, integrating, evaluating, creating as well as communicating information. The essay will show how Technology literacy helps in controlling the adverse effects of psychological suffering such as Self –sadness, anxiety, and destruction. Second, the article will explain how examples of technology literacy relate to the results mentioned earlier. Finally, the essay will show the various models of behavior demonstrated by the technology literate.

Since emotional suffering is the unpleasant emotions that an individual can have which impacts the level of functioning of the body and technology literacy refers to capability that an individual has and where he can work independently hence remaining responsible, appropriately and efficiently in use technology tools in accessing, managing, integrating, evaluating, creating as well as communicating information (Anderson,1964). Therefore it is automatic that technological literacy can help in reducing the adverse effects of psychological which includes: Destruction, self sadness, and anxiety. For instance Destruction, in the case where a person is distracted mentally because of losing their loved once or else something terrible someone might have experienced. Technology literacy makes people share and communicate the bothering issues in diverse ways, and as a result after sharing, many people cheap into the matters and at the end, they come up with the solution to the particular problems.

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Although technological literacy may not be able to address the emotional suffering that an individual has, there is an assurance that the matter will be solved to a certain percentage. Second, concerning self –sadness, where one may be suffering emotionally because of not knowing what will happen next for instance when people loses their job, in this situation the technological literature can be of much help since among its role is to help in developing the skills of critical thinking. In this scenario where one may be experiencing self-sadness, technology literature helps a lot since it helps in coming up with other alternatives ways that can contribute to the happiness other than being in sad moods always (Berbekar & Hephaestus, 1988). Finally, the effects of being in anxiety when suffering emotional, where one asks himself what will happen next after this incidence, technology literature helps to reduce stress by coming up with the new ideas that give individuals new ideas that make one forget what had happened in the past. Technology literature contributes a lot in controlling the adverse effects of emotional feeling since an individual need to share the concerning issues, in the media and the problems are shared widely where different opinion and solution towards the points are communicated.

The current examples of technology literacy include Capacity of accessing technology, this is whereby people can freely apply technology, and in case they have concerning issues they can post it and the best solution it will be given. Considering, the three adverse effects; that is, self sadness, anxiety, and destruction, with the help of this feature, in case an individual has specific issues bothering him, making him always be in sad moments or else be worried of what will happen in the next. Through the use of social media, the issues can be easily solved. Since it is the role of technological literacy, it will always be there to provide the best solution to a specific problem. Second, Being able to understand the technology, the importance of being familiar with the technology it that no question will be asked and hence make technological literacy to be in a dilemma on how to answer instead it’s always there to give solutions to all the arising issues. However, if a person is suffering from mental destruction, being affected by sad moment as well as being in anxiety at most of the time, technology literacy usually works hard on it to ensures that it has come out with the solution for all the problems. Generally, technology literacy plays an important role of ensuring that it has provided all the possible solution for all the cases arising, and in the case where a person has a mental illness it also brings out the possible solution for such situation (Cydis,2015). Finally, being able to manage the technology. Technology literacy ensures that it can handle the technology in a proper way such that if anyone tries to access it anytime, it can be there to cater to the needs of all people regarding the technology.

Following are the examples of behavior which are demonstrated by technology literate: First, Communicating the ideas of technology wisely which is done through writing, using verbal communication such exchange of word of mouth and through drawing as a way of explaining the concepts for people to understand. For the examples of behaviors to be successful in the field of technology, they must be confirmed by technology literature and ensure that there is the proper of communication such that when people are accessing them, they will be essentials information. Also, it provides that the data are appropriately written and to those passed through word of mouth are adequately done. Second, the willingness of working in technology, which as a result will create room for more experience, skills as well as learning the new ideas.

The aim of technology literate to have willing to work in the department of technology is to make many students and society at large to gain knowledge as well as developing more skills that are helpful. Third, functions comfortably, professionally as well as being powerfully within the technologically –productive society. Technology literature ensures that the kind of the behavior presented in the community is functioning correctly, it is professional, and it is powerful since the society who receive information is productive and therefore it needs some of the high quality (DeCoito & Richardson, 2018). Forth, the behavior is believed to be self-confident other than being passive in the matters that concern the technological decision. Five, the actions in technical literature makes an individual contribution within the advancement of the technology. Finally, behavior in technology usually predicts the needs and the problems that are likely to occur in the future, and it also applies the technology that provides the best solution to a particular issue. Generally, it is the work of technology literacy to ensure that its behaviors are presentable and that whatever they present to the society is helpful.

In conclusion, from the above information which about technology literacy, it is an assurance that it has a role of ensuring that it has the possible solution for all the problem. Second, it helps in critical thinking as well as making sure that the work give is more efficient and that people enjoy when using technological literacy.


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