The Banishment Of Homework

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Homework is a term synonymous with almost each and every child, teen, and young adult in the world. It is a term that brings froth shivers down the spines of the masses. Homework is a term so infamous that it just might be considered one of the most hated words in the English dictionary. Surely, there must be some backing to suggest that this term deserves all the hate that it gets; there must be some reason why everyone just abhors this phrase. Well, there is and in fact, there are multiple of them. This essay shall discuss as to why homework should be banned from all schools in the world.

Primarily, homework is great catalysts for stress, in fact, according to a study conducted by Stanford University, approximately 56 percent of children consider homework the root of their stress. To put this into perspective children who should be carefree in the world are suffering stress from this task. The added due date of such a task creates a sense of urgency in the children and gets their serotonin rushing. Stress for children is an unnatural occurrence; it should not happening yet this behemoth of a monster known as homework causes it.

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Secondly, there is a claim that homework reeducates the student so the student does not forget the material that they learned in school. However, committing to such a task on a regular basis can cause the student to become burnout and slip up on their grades because of just how tiresome the chore of doing homework is. The students can feel exhausted and as a result, would not be able to regurgitate information at their 100% if they were taking a test, they begin to have lapses in concentration and can easily forget information that they learned. This ploy would cause us to give them more homework resulting in the cycle being created all over again.

Finally, having too much homework can be detrimental to the student, as he would have to balance between a healthy social life or good grades in school. Most children that value their education choose the latter and as a result end up as outcasts from society and start to feel alone and depressed. This tiresome, repetitive, and gruesome task known as homework serves as the catalyst to the problems of many young students around the world whether it be depression, loneliness, or stress. I believe that points should be more than enough to argue. 


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