Essays on The Bell Jar

Societal Expectations And The Quest For Identity In The Bell Jar

The concept of conforming to societal norms is one that is explored throughout history. Societal norms are the accepted standards of behavior of social groups. This idea of feeling pressure to align with the expectations of society is demonstrated well in modern-day literature. In particular, this predicament is apparent in Slyvia Plath’s The Bell Jar....
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A Victim Of 1950s Social Constraints: Esther Greenwood From The Bell Jar

The effects of forcing societal conformity and restraints upon an individual can truly be damaging. Sylvia Plath’s, The Bell Jar, tells the story of a nineteen-year-old females journey from sanity to madness. Throughout the novel the main protagonist, Esther Greenwood, is overcome by mental illness as she faces the harsh realities of conforming to 1950s...
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Repression Of Women Presented In Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s 19th Century Yellow Wallpaper And Sylvia Plath’s 20th Century The Bell Jar

How is the repression of women presented in Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s 19th Century Yellow Wallpaper and Sylvia Plath’s 20th Century ‘The Bell Jar’ In both the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins and The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath the theme of repression of women is explored very similarly. The Yellow Wallpaper informs us on the...
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