The Christmas Carol: The Main Idea

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is about a mean old man named Ebenezer Scrooge who lived his life of greediness. At first, the movie shows how grumpy and bad Ebenezer to other people, I felt anguish towards him at that moment because he gives no mercy to the poor even if it is Christmas Eve. At the same time, I have become curious and interested to know why Ebenezer do such things to others and chose to be alone despite of the offers of his family to him.

As the story goes, Ebenezer was visited by the ghost of his business partner named Jacob Marley. He have mentioned how regretful he was to not enjoy his life through charity and people. He have given him warnings that it is not to late to change his mind and his way of life but still Ebenezer was unbothered. Marley told him that three spirits will visit him, the Christmas past, Christmas present and lastly the spirit of the future. As the first spirit showed his past, I felt kind of sad by the way Ebenezer spent his Christmas, he was neglected by his friends and all alone. Although he had a girlfriend, their story turns very sad as the girl left him because of his greed. At this point, I have realize that we should be more appreciative of the people around us and do not be blinded by money for it will not give us the real meaning of happiness.The second spirit which is the Christmas present visited him as well and showed him how the people around him spent their Christmas Eves. Bob Cratchit, his clerk spent his night with his whole family and still get to put a toast for Ebenezer for making it possible for them to have a meal despite being abused and mistreated. On the other hand, his nephew makes fun out of him for refusing to celebrate with them and live his life in sadness. Mr. Cratchit amazed me because not everyone can still be thankful to a person when they were already treated badly. After all those scenes I pitied Ebenezer, specially when his nephew talks bad about him. Although he somewhat deserves it and it is a great way to open his eyes.

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Lastly, the spirit of future led him to see how people reacts to his death. All that he saw was people rejoicing instead of grieving. They do not actually care about his death due to his unacceptable attitude towards them. At the very end, Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge changed his way of life. He become more generous to the people around their village, he helped the organization for the poor, he enjoyed Christmas Day, he treated his clerk wisely, and got to be with his relatives for dinner. I enjoyed watching this movie, it’s full of lessons and an eye opener as well. We must learn to enjoy the life that has given to us and to share our blessings to others. We shouldn’t be blinded by any monetary amount for it will just give us temporary pleasure but not satisfaction, because happiness is what satisfies our soul.


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