Essays on The Decameron

The Black Plague In Medieval Europe And Its Image In Decameron

The Black Plague was a horrifying epidemic that had a grave impact on the social, economic, political and cultural elements of the lives of people effected. Struck in the mid-1300s originating in China but peaked in Europe between 1348 and 1350. The Black Plague was a devastating epidemic that was first noticed when 12 ships...
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Black Death In Medieval Europe And The Khmer Empire

Being two different civilisations, Medieval Europe and the Khmer Empire had obvious differences, however they also had similarities. There will always be people who break the law, and both the Khmer Empire and Medieval Europe had similar ideas of what was right and wrong. Both empires dealt with crimes with methods of punishment and torture....

The Decameron: Authors Experience During The Black Plague

The plague, also known as the Black Death was a major pandemic that ravaged Europe and parts of Asia during the mid-fourteenth century, from 1347 until 1351. This disease was characterized by extreme weakness, bleeding profusely, shock, skin turning black (which is where it got its name) and eventually death. It was mainly spread by...
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