The Effect of Trees on Our Environment

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As we all know trees are good for the environment, but do you know why? Yes, they clean our air and let us live but they do a lot more than we give them for granted. Let me tell you what effect trees have on our environment and us.

Let’s start with some well-known things. Trees are homes for thousands of animals that lead to a very biodiverse forest. One very important one is that the trees become a home for the bee population. according to ABC News in an article posted on July 9, 2019, they stated that some areas have seen a 90% loss in bees. That’s bad, if we don’t have bees than we don’t have plants of the fruit or vegetables along with them. Also, animals don’t have these plants to eat. In a long story short if we don’t have trees then we don’t have bees then we don’t have food and we don’t survive.

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Another reason that trees have a positive impact on humanism is that they affect our mentality. Many studies show that spending time in the forest or even a park with many trees positively affect us. Spending time near trees is proven to increase your mood while decreasing your anxiety, stress, depression, and anger. Science Daily says that spending time in nature can ̈reduce the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, and increases sleep duration ̈. These are all positive effects that trees are our way to live, we rely on trees.

Another reason that trees make earth livable is that they cool the air temperature. One way they do this is simple, they make shade. The shade is created when the leaves stop the sun, and therefore the ground isn’t heated up. Some other ways id that dew forms on the leaves from the ground and when that evaporated that becomes rain. Studies have shown that having trees in a city or a town can reduce the air temperature by as much at 10 degrees ferinhight the grist says in an article posted on August 22, 2019. That’s just one month ago. This means that you won’t have to use air conditioning which means that it doesn’t need the energy to cool down the building which in return we don’t have to use as much electricity.

One of my final statements about why trees positively affect our environment is because they help with our water. Tree roots help hold in the soil during a storm and this decreases erosion. Erosion happens when water takes away something that in this case is soil away. While trees are preventing this they are cleaning our water. When water goes through the roots the water gets cycled of all its impurities and allows us to have clean drinking water.

Lastly is they provide oxygen for us to breathe. It’s common knowledge that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, trees do the opposite, trees ̈Inhale ̈ carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. A presentation posted by amaze shows that one healthy, mature tree can produce 260 pounds of oxygen. They state that two healthy, mature trees can produce enough oxygen for a family of four. The presentation also states that ̈One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 26,000 miles.¨.

As you can see, trees are a necessity for humans to survive on earth and the key to climate change. Trees are the most important things on the earth and we burn them for our pleasure. Protect them for they are the reason that you are alive in the first place.


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