The Effects Of Water And Air Pollution

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The conditions and ideas of our present world have shown vast changes in development through advancement in industry and in new technologies. In the modern world, the majority of the population is in awe with all the new gadgets on the marketplace. We are all keen to have the latest car, phone, MacBook…, but we forget to stop and think, to ask ourselves the question, “how are they produced and at what cost?”. Along with amazing technological advances, the Industrial revolutions in the period between 18th and mid-19th century in Great Britain, Parts of Europe, North America and Japan, introduced new sources of air and water pollution.

The reason our environment is in such a state now is that technology is moving so fast and poorer countries are developing quickly, the atmosphere does not have time to recover. It is amazing the effect industrialization, technology and advancement has created. Nations have experienced improved techniques, which helped them to increase production and resulting their economies growing at an incredible rate. Our living standards have been improved and the more we get, the more we want. We are all too aware of the positive effects of industrialization and technological improvement, but the most threatening negative effects is what the above is creating, “pollution”. Pollution is the introduction of unwanted substances into the natural environment leading to environmental instability, disorder, discomfort and harming our ecosystem affecting all living things in our habitat. Unwanted substance introduced into the environment has been spurred on by industrialization and improved technology leading to the production of many different varieties of unwanted products. These unwanted substances/products are called pollutants. Sadly, all the our advancement in technology and industry has caused a lot of harm to living things in their habitat.

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The earth is being destroyed by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by non-renewable fuels such as coal, gas and oil.

  • Air pollution being one of the forms of pollution has had serious negative impacts on living things. Release of chemicals into our atmosphere and then inhaled by living things. Causing diseases related to the lungs.
  • Global warming, we then try to combat the effects by creating structures and policies which incurs more costs.
  • Water pollution is another form of pollution that affects living things. Causes by deposing of chemicals
  • Thermal power, industrial and manufacturing plants, domestic sewages, deforestation, soil erosion and hydroelectric power generation.
  • Pathogen pollution, viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoans. Sources of pathogens are untreated or partially treated human sewage and wild and domestic animal waste. High levels of Pathogen pollution in water can make shellfish dangerous to eat and water harmful to swim in.
  • Water is on of the essentials of life, drinking polluted water leads to health deterioration leading to spending money on treatment and research on prevention of diseases
  • Dumping waste materials on land and sea is called environmental pollution.

I am going to discuss the effects of pollution and global warming has on the environment and humans alike. The human body is affected by pollution by increasing risk of disease such as a respiratory disease, fatigue, headaches and anxiety, damage to the reproductive organs, spleen, liver, blood and nervous system. Pollution and dangerous gases also cause increased chance of heart attacks and strokes.

Air pollution is one of the most common forms of pollution because of industry and improvement in technology. This type of pollution is, where emissions of unwanted pollutions are released into the atmosphere. As we know our atmosphere contains a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon oxide and argon, then introducing a new gas will cause the air to pollute. Living things need oxygen clear of chemicals to survive.

All industries send out some kind of chemicals into the atmosphere and living things are not designed to purify those different gases. Those harmful gasses have an adverse effect when it enters our lungs. Causing respiratory diseases. Then un-purified oxygen entry our blood, which in turn cause more health problems. As previously mentioned, we release a variety of chemicals into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels we use every day. We breathe in air to live and what we breathe has a direct impact on our health. Breathing polluted air puts us at a higher risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases. When exposed to ground ozone for a number of hours. A very interesting fact: Ground-level ozone is a colorless and highly irritating gas that forms just above the earths surface. This is called a secondary pollutant because it is produced when two primary pollutants react in sunlight and air in a confined space. Nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. (Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature) examples Acetone. A strong-smelling chemical,found such as nail polish remover, furniture polish and wallpaper. …

Acetic Acid used to make vinegar use for fermentation. They include both human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. Those pollutants can damage a healthy person’s lung and they can suffer from respiratory diseases. Air pollutants can cause a substance called carcinogens and living in a polluted area can put people at risk of cancer. Coughing and wheezing are common symptoms observed on people living in cities.

Water Pollution, Human activities, such as burning charcoal leading to global warming caused an increase in water temperature and having engines with water can increase the water temperature. Changes in water temperature and chemicals present in the water can affect the aquatic life and will enter the food chain and kill many living bodies in the water.

Environmental Pollution The major cause of environmental pollution is the dumping of most of the non-biodegradable products for the industrial and technological development. Such industrial products, mostly abused and dumped include the industrial plastics. Pollutants of the environment release so many toxic substances into the atmosphere affecting both human and other living things

As a parting thought, it has been evident from observation and carried out research that pollution has enormous negative impacts to the society. Therefore, there is a need t engage in a number of activities that will help make lessen the risks, reduce the damage associated with pollution. We all have our part to play.


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