The Essence Of Global Warming And Eco Friendly Products

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Over the planets history the temperatures have fluctuated cycling around but recently the planets temperature has risen unusually fast it is caused my human activities, a process known as global warming, ever since the industrial revolution began temperatures have begun to soar and nowhere is it near important to inform our population and to act upon this situation as of right now.

What is global warming you may ask? For those who don’t know global warming is the gradual increase of the temperature of the planets air and oceans causing the planet to warm up as a whole. Carbon dioxide is a huge contributor to global warming in fact, it’s estimated that for every 3km car trip you take 2 pounds of CO2 are put into the atmosphere. Over the past 15 years the average temperatures have gone up by just over one degree. This may not seem like much, but many studies have shown and scientists agree this number will become accelerated.

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Think about what happens when you go in a sauna, heat gets trapped, you heat up, stay in there for too long, and eventually everything inside will burn up, We are the cause of this problem when we emit of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere so it is our responsibility to stop it

The effects of climate change are devastating featuring huge amounts of glaciers melting experts say over 8 trillion tons has melted in the past 5 years, threatening all life that thrives there, sea levels also begin to rise so unlucky areas that have low sea levels will most likely be submerged, knowing Sydney has an low sea level and it is my closest city I have a lot of fear for myself and especially for my kids and everyone who comes from here on after.

But there is good news there are already efforts to make this reality, more and more eco friendly products and vehicles out there, let’s find out how to be proactive about this situation, One way to help against climate change is to drive less when you can. rather than using your own personal car try to carpool or use public transportation. if your destination is close enough, maybe even consider walking or riding a bike. You can also help out by recycling and re-using things when you can. Rather than throwing things away, see if you can find another use for it or donate them to charity if the product is still good. It frustrates me a lot that this isn’t getting enough attention as it deserves climate change is real everybody we as a civilisation need to come together as one to face and fix this situation that we have put amongst ourselves or we will face irreversible consequences. The future generations and the planet will be judged on how as a population we face this challenge.


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