The Future Impact Of Coved-19 On Human Resources

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Through the current situation, the world is facing right now, I have conducted a steeple analysis to show how I feel Covid-19 is going to impact on the future and affect organizations and their employees. Further down I will discuss my feelings on how employee engagement is vital even more so than before and what Human Resources can do to ensure this is at its best. Please see below for the steeple analysis. Many employees who find themselves working from home are going to find this to be more beneficial to them due to personal commitments they may have like childcare and are finding that working from home is more efficient because they are able to find a healthy balance to tend to work needs but also tend to childcare therefore when an employer is being a lot more understanding to these commitments staff members will feel ultimately a lot more valued and more likely to engage with their employers. However, you also find that many employees will struggle with working from home due to the isolation aspect and no social interactions with work colleagues anymore this is why I feel it is incredibly important moving forward to focus on employee engagement even more so than before to ensure a healthy and productive workforce for the future months to come as I think this will be essential when businesses begin to recover from the effects COVID 19 has had on businesses. I also feel many employees will be very anxious when returning to the workplace if working from home is not an option due to social distancing implications and ensuring HR has put measures in place to ensure staff feels safe at all times and rules are adhered to as well, this could mean that staggered start and finish times could make an appearance to ensure social distancing is stuck to and to make employees feel less stressed, ensuring temperatures are taken as you enter the building and hand sanitizer stations are made available this will make employees realize that managers are committed to them and ensuring that trust levels are at its maximum. To ensure employee engagement is at its highest ensure communication is more effective than it ever was while employees work from home ensure check-ins are a daily occurrence and offer support as and when required to support these special needs employees may have, involve them in discussions via Microsoft teams and video calls so they have that social interaction aspect when working from home to maintain productivity levels and the social cohesion between employers and employees. I think it is especially important to focus on the employees who have been working through the full pandemic and employers focus on their health and well-being by offering ‘mental health days’ to ensure they can re-charge their batteries for the day and focus on themselves and come back to the workplace feeling refreshed which will help with productivity levels. Employers need to ensure they are keeping praise levels at a high while employees are adapting to the new changes and remind them the work, they are doing is making a difference and continue to offer support to them. Even more so than before ensuring employees are listened to will boost morale. Employers should seek to get feedback from employees on how they are coping with new adaptions and if any improvements are given that they act, make a difference and improve to create the sense of engagement.

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