The Great Gatsby: How Money May Affect On People

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The Great Gatsby can be described as a tragic novel similar to Romeo and Juliet in which the high society is brought down by their own liabilities or actions. Their demise was because of their own choices and fate. Fitzgerald the author of Great Gatsby related to the likenesses of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Not all the characters in the novel are likable, neither are their characters as moving if you are interpreting about a group of people that get what’s coming to them and those who don’t. Love is by dictionary definition, an intense feeling of deep affection. In the novel, The Great Gatsby the theme of love is explained in the relationships between Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, Myrtle, Nick, and Jordan. There are various types of love. There is a love for social fame, materialistic love, a love of wealth, success, love of life, and finally love for one another whether it be through friendship or otherwise.

There are good and bad traits about love in the Great Gatsby. Gatsby bases the relationship he had with Daisy 5 years beforehand and is driven by his love for Daisy. Gatsby seeks out power and money to be recognized by the wealthy and to be worthy of Daisy’s love. The possessed love that Gatsby has for Daisy is wholesome ‘He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.’ But is also driven in many ways and can be argued as a good or bad thing, there is an incompatibility between Gatsby’s romantic dream and unrefined reality. By the time the story begins he’s so entranced in the lifestyle he’s lost his way.

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Objectification is the action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object, this can be closely related to the love of social fame and materialistic love which Daisy portrays ‘Her voice is full of money,’ Daisy is not the same person she was five years ago and Gatsby and Daisy can never refresh that love. ‘He committed himself to the following of a grail’. Nick discovers this early when Gatsby attempts to buy his friendship.

George and Myrtle Wilson is another example of love that is broken. At some point, Myrtle thought George was good enough to marry but she is disillusioned by the poverty they live in, and she comes to conclude that ‘he wasn’t fit to lick my shoe’. She has an affair with Tom and George realizes, and to him, love is a powerful force and he goes off to kill Gatsby.

Nick and Jordan’s love is an example of moral failure ‘It takes two to make an accident.’ where wealth and social position are more important to her than anything else. Nick realizes that true love must be based on truth and loyalty, but Jordan is incapable of both. Their relationship is complicated and fraught with tension ‘I wasn’t actually in love’.

Tom and Daisy Buchanan started a life together and are not in any position to leave each other. Tom has multiple affairs that are hidden well from Daisy, but he enjoys the fact she is still around. Daisy knows that Toms cheats on her, but she enjoys the wealthy status. Their marriage is not based on pure love, yet they are still certainly together. Gatsby’s dream is for him and Daisy to ‘Go back to Louisville and be married from her house, Just as if it were five years ago’, Gatsby’s love for Daisy equals his tragedy, To his wealth, he joins organized crime for Daisy and Daisy chases the wealth. This is a clear example of the love of wealth both Gatsby and Daisy show in the novel. There is also a healthy truth of love shown by Mr Gatz, Gatsby’s father when he visits his son. Despite being rejected by his son he still loves him and so does Gatsby, but passively as he sends them money all the time.

The Great Gatsby lies in an emotionless world ‘The rich get richer and the poor get – children.’ that cares nothing for justice a world that makes claims to fairness but really only further rewards those who have already been rewarded, the people who survive the novel do so and continue to be careless ‘they were careless people, Tom and Daisy, they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated into their money or their vast carelessness’ says Nick. Love is an important theme that plays a huge role between the characters and can be linked to many other themes and the American Dream which the novel symbolizes. All the themes of love are vital to the novel’s progression. 


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