The Great Significance Of Water Scarcity For Human Activities

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Water scarcity is a form of water shortage and it is the shortage of enough water resources to meet a population’s demands for water in a particular region. Water scarcity is already affecting many countries and the water that cannot be provided is needed for essential reasons such as to create food, energy, and industries. People in countries like Libya, Yemen, and Jordan are not getting or finding the water that they require. Water scarcity is now of great importance impacting many things in our world and our society. Many things have caused this important issue to be created and many factors cause water scarcity to continue. Furthermore, water scarcity affects many things in our world, society, and environment such as ecosystems and weather. Although water scarcity is a major issue, it is not too late to be solved and people can help to do many things to contribute to stopping the issue.

Water scarcity a pressing issue has grown over the years and right now it is of great importance, and it has a significant impact on our world. The lack of water is very common for people. In fact 2.7 billion people have insufficient water. Poor sanitation in households cause 2.4 billion people to catch diseases like cholera, typhoid fever and water-borne illnesses (Baker, 2016). With the demand for water increasing, the issue of water scarcity is growing. Water is crucial to the safety of our society. People cannot get access to water because of the increasing costs and efforts required to do so (Chasse, 2015). The issue of water scarcity affects health problems because people are going to extreme measures just to find water, causing health issues to come up. Water increases the rate of women who die from giving birth and it also puts mental stress on girls and women, increasing their physical injury because they have to go carry water (White, 2016). Lots of people around the world spend time gathering water, and they suffer from waterborne illnesses in doing so. Due to water scarcity, it has taxing effects on the economy and education of children (Argent, 2015).

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Water scarcity was sparked by many things and lots of factors played a part in the cause of water scarcity. One cause of water scarcity is water pollution something that can be considered a major issue itself. Water pollution occurs in places that have a poor sewage system. People who are trying to obtain water are troubled by, “others who pollute the water with oil, carcasses, chemicals, or fecal matter,” according to (Rinkesh, 2016). Another main factor that contributes to the growing problem of water scarcity is the taxing water uses of agriculture. Agriculture uses immense amounts of freshwater which get wasted in the end due to ineffective farming methods and faulty irrigation systems. When pesticides and fertilizers are used by all farmers alike, they affect the population who are trying to obtain water because these harmful chemicals pollute water bodies, such as rivers and lakes (Madaan, 2016). Water scarcity may also be caused by climate change such as global warming, another pressing issue. Also, droughts and floods cause a region to have contaminated water and water shortages (Hogan, 2016).

Water scarcity affects our world in numerous ways and its effects are very crucial and life threatening. Water is in much need as humans need the water for agricultural reasons. It is used for a lot of farming purposes, and if not enough water can be provided then the lesser water will result in a small crop harvest. Also, the farms animals who need water to survive will die and humans will suffer from persistent starvation and a poor quality of life (Guarino, 2016). Another important thing that water scarcity effects is farming. Agriculture depends on water as it is very important to it. Less water results in the breakdown of the environment and farmers to lose the ability to utilize their land as all of these factors are estimated to cost at least $350 million USD (Guarino, 2016). Water scarcity causes health problems in many developing nations who struggle to find water and must drink water with bad conditions. These people are infected with deadly diseases that come from the poorly sanitized water. Water scarcity may create inactive sewage systems which allows germs to infest the systems and may allow harmful insects to thrive (Madaan, 2016).

Another thing that water scarcity can affect is weather, causing disasters like droughts and floods to happen. Droughts have affected countries like India, China, and the Middle East, threatening farmland, livestock, and the people. Water scarcity also causes health problems in many developing nations who struggle to find water and must drink water with bad conditions. These people are infected with deadly diseases that come from the poorly sanitized water. Water scarcity may create inactive sewage systems which allows germs to infest the systems and may allow harmful insects to thrive. Furthermore, the health of the people in a country are threatened when water is poorly sanitized and is given to people in public places (Madaan, 2016).

The environment is also affected when there is a limited supply on water. Water scarcity causes the ecosystem to be greatly affected leaving animals with little food, causing them to lead poor lives. The ecosystem in the Aral Sea located in Central Asia was greatly damaged due to the water being used improperly because of water scarcity. The Aral Sea was once a freshwater lake but now the improper use of it turned it into a salty lake with less than 60% of its original water. Ecosystems in that region have been destroyed because of water scarcity (Madaan, 2016).

Although water scarcity is a pressing issue, there are possible solutions to help solve the problem. A solution to the issue of water scarcity is managing the water supply wisely. Rules and guidelines can be made so that the population can manage their water properly (Ganter, 2010). All the problems that are affecting water scarcity can be properly addressed by policies made. A potential solution to water scarcity is to educate people on the risk of water scarcity, so that the threat can be understood by people. The consumption of water will need to be reviewed, and many important countries are already facing the threat of water scarcity, so by making sure the problem is known, people can be aware of the situation they are facing. Another main solution to water scarcity is to improve irrigation systems, because right now there are faulty irrigation systems. By improving the currently faulty irrigation systems, farmers can provide more food to the growing population. Countries with defective irrigation systems include Australia, Central Asia, and Southwest America. New technology might be able to substitute the irrigation systems but by fixing what is already broken then water scarcity can be potentially solved. There need to be a better irrigation system to treat wastewater and salt water. (Ganter, 2010).

Water scarcity has grown and has become a major issue over the years, the shortage of water cannot meet the people’s demands for water in many regions. Water scarcity is of great significance as it does affect 2.7 billion people and many continents. Many factors have come into play, contributing to the issue of water scarcity since. There are many things that water scarcity affect like agriculture, weather, and the environment and ecosystems alike. To make a notable difference and help resolve the problem there are many things that must happen like the wise management of the water supply, raising awareness on the issue of water scarcity, reviewing how the population consumes water, and improving irrigation systems. Water scarcity is not a problem that countries are suffering from based on their geographic location and their inability to access water in that location, it is more of a human problem and it is something that the people can work together to help solve.


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