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As a young man, it is lucky to be living in this era of high technology. Throughout the history of humanity, the rapid development of the present, science and technology have brought us many changes. The industrial revolution has promoted human and social progress. Living in such an era of information explosion, we enjoy the benefits of information explosion and make us live in a more transparent society. As the invention of our new century, the mobile phone plays a significant role in our life. We often use mobile phones to communicate with each other and play games. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. In this article, I will discuss the history of mobile phones, the impact of cell phones on society and the problems that mobile phones pose to our human lives.

The birth of mobile phones is not accidental to us humans; it is due to the coincidence of many scientific principles, which is attributed to the unique idea of the inventor. The mobile phone was a composite of several inventions that have changed the way people send messages over thousands of years.

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The predecessor of the mobile phone came from the evolution of the telegraph. More than 170 years ago, American painter Samuel Finley Breese Morse germinated the idea of using the principle of electromagnetism for telegraphy. In 1844, Morse successfully invented wired telegrams and codes, and used the telegraph to send the first telegram from Washington to Baltimore, ‘What Hath God Wrought’. (Carleton, 2004) Morse’s invention successfully opened the prelude to the development of modern (recent) information technology. (Standage, 2015)

In 1831, scientists Michael Faraday discovered the electromagnetic induction phenomenon, James Clerk Maxwell further uses a mathematical formula expounds the research results of Faraday and others, and the electromagnetic induction theory is generalized to space. (IET, n.d) After more than 60 years, Hertz confirmed the existence of electromagnetic waves through experiments. The discovery of electromagnetic waves becomes a turning point for ‘wired communication’ to ‘radio communication,’ and it has also become the origin of mobile communications. (Coba, 2013) It is because of this science and technology support that mobile phones can be born. Without the efforts of previous generations, wireless communication is impossible to achieve.

Then in 1902, ‘the earliest explorer of mobile phones’ – Nathan Stubbfield made the first wireless telephone device in the country house in Murray, Kentucky, USA. This wireless mobile phone is the earliest human exploration of ‘mobile phone’ technology. After more than 30 years of research and development, in 1938, the U.S. military manufactured the world’s first “mobile phone” phone with the help of Bell Labs, and during 1943 world war 2, the United States military’s wireless telephone came out. However, during the use of the radiotelephone at that time, there was still a need for a person carrying the antenna and the radio. (Meyers, 2011)

After nearly decades of the research process, and finally one day in April 1973, the famous American Motorola engineering technician Martin Lawrence Cooper invented the world’s first Wireless mobile phone, even though the wireless phone is almost as big as two bricks. And in the decades since then, mobile phones have achieved rapid growth, and more and more features have appeared on mobile phones. For example, we can send text messages, play games and communications on mobile phones. It has been maintained till the 2008 iPhone was born, symbolizing the arrival of a new era of smart touch and application. (Goodwin, 2017)

Mobile phones, as one of the greatest inventions of modern times. One of the main benefits it brings to us is that it solves the problem of people passing messages to each other, changing the way that humans have delivered messages over the millennia. Just like the students studying abroad. In the last century, if a student was studying abroad, when he missed his parents, he could express his feelings for his parents through writing letters, but his parents could take several weeks or even months to receive letters. With the popularity of mobile phones, we can now communicate with each other anywhere on the mobile phone by thousands of kilometers away. The timely communication of mobile phones has brought us convenience.

Of course, in the last moments of life, mobile phones can also enable us to realize our wish to express emotions, many people want to express their feelings to their relatives at the end of their lives, but this wish is not something that everyone can achieve. This will be a regret for relatives. But the appearance of the mobile phone can satisfy people’s wishes. For example, during the ‘911’ incident, a passenger from the plane almost exploding plane, called his mother using a phone, saying: “Mom, I love you!’ This sentence has been forever craved in people’s hearts. Without a cell phone, the passenger’s mother would have never heard what her child wanted to say to her. (Sherwell, 2011)

But in the world of design, with every problem solved comes forth a new problem, and one of the major problems that mobile phone case is that they may bring about health risks. Like big logarithms, mobile phones will also have a bad influence on us. The most serious is the use of mobile phones while driving, which brings us the great danger of life. For another example, because of the long-term use of mobile smartphones, the low level of radiation emitted by mobile phones is likely to lead to the risk of tumor growth. (Starr, n.d)

In conclusion, mobile phones, like the ancients never believed that they could fly like birds in the sky. From the idea that exists only in the mind to an inseparable part of everyone today. It must be said that this is a miracle, it is also a symbol of human infinite imagination. Mobile phones solve many problems for people, it also creates many problems. Although it may bring us health risks, just as scientists study experiments, we can always overcome difficulties. In my opinion, the mobile phone is a double-edged sword, People who know how to use it in moderation can easily use social media to solve problems. People who do not know how to use it might hurt themselves. We should learn to refrain from using mobile phones while driving or walking on the road. We are responsible for our safety.


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