The Idea Of Sex And Death As A Dominant Reality In A Streetcar Named Desire

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The idea of sex and death, both in early times and today is a controversial idea. In the novels of tragedy, written in previous times, both sex and death are reflected in the texts as a conflict.

But what exactly does sex and death represent? Many directly think that it only represents pleasure, but it is not just that; sex represents much more than that, it represents submission, conformity, control while death represents the end of being, not only the physical being also the soul, the moral, the loss of sanity, etc. The loss is a form of death.

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In Oedipus Rex there are no sex scenes per se, although in A Streetcar named Desire there is, but thanks to this action the characters and the course of the texts are affected. In Oedipus Rex the most obvious reference to sex is the fact that Oedipus slept with his mother/wife Jocasta. As it narrates the text and it is quite remarkable that in the times of Sophocles, in ancient Greece, man was the dominant sex and the woman was seen as weak, submissive sex. Along these lines, after work and masculine battles, I have arrives ‘home’ and gets his prize, Jocasta. In this way, in the wake of having his prize, he have satisfied his obligations of virility and progresses toward becoming a dad to four kids. Oedipus, to put it plainly, utilizes sex as the fundamental goal, that at that point it prompts his fall. On the off chance that there were not given want for mastery and want to make life a chance to achieve, at that point history would not have a contention.

In the case of A Streetcar named desire, sex takes more control in the narrative. There are many more representations of sex as are the many adventures that Blanche had, in which she expresses the need for passion and a great desire to feel young so her targets were younger man than her in order to satisfy that desire and evade fear of becoming old; like Jocasta, sex is used in the context of evading the loneliness of a dead lover, as an escape from reality.

The sexual desires of Stanley, where it is quite obvious that his sexual desire is high, which: like Oedipus, the male sex is represented as the dominant sex. The scene of rape, which is the clearest and self-explanatory narrative, as far as the subject of sex is concerned. Returning to Greece, in Oedipus there are several representations of death. The first two are deaths as such, the death of Laius, which occurs in the first loss of the text, when Oedipus, blinded by his fury, murders him. At first, this death at first sight seems insignificant but ends up being its biggest burden. The death of Jocasta, suicide, which happened while Oedipus was murdering Laius. That was the punishment to herself when she realized that she had committed a sin, by not feeling a pure body. The third dead is not literal, but losing oneself is considered the death of being. When Oedipus loses himself, after the death of Jocasta, when he feels ‘death’. It shows that after his actions, the one he used to be does not exist anymore. He lost his innocence, his power, his confidence, his courage but he mainly lost his pride.


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