The Impact Of Globalization on Society

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In my opinion, I think that globalization is good for society. Globalization is the course of political, economical, and educational unification. It has changed the world to function as a whole; country borders have been incapacitated between each other. Globalization is playing a crucial role in helping establish society. It has decisive advantages like; technological advancements, governmental authorities, healthcare, and social components. Furthermore, globalization has constructed many circumstances for evolving communities. Opened opportunities for convenient access to the expanding market. Yet it also introduced many challenges; environmental depreciations, fluctuations in monetary and fiscal markets, increase injustice across many societies. In this argumentative paper, I will be arguing in favour of the favourable and benign aspects that globalization affects society in a positive manner. These points include; industrial and business developments, schooling and healthcare systems, and lastly the satisfying cultural effects.

Proliferation aids many societies in dealing with other nearby communities. globalization increases their budgetary prosperity as well as solve many shortage dilemmas. Back in the day, prospering societies couldn’t reach and come in contact with the nationwide frugality due to industrial boundaries. Furthermore, when globalization came into existence, the international board started creating different types of market restores and fundamental innovations. Different societies began opening their local markets by making necessary refinements and bringing changeful tariffs, which ultimately opened up the economy to the global market. More advanced societies invested in those growing businesses and designing all sorts of job opportunities. It’s clear in seeing that globalization has made the liaison between refined societies. Already established societies depend on other resourceful societies which have more expanded technological advancements and such. Due to industrial developments, citizens and raw goods are moved accessibly and swiftly. Mass communications and the vast distribution of data through the internet has helped globalization benefit immensely. Resulting in an increase in free trading between communities. In most scenarios, globalization has turned the economy to grow at an endless pace and universal jubilation, making poor communities adapt and accept new social trends and technologies. Thru immersion of unfamiliar capital and automation, with the chance to cultivate cost-effectively and by widening growth. Businesses share resourceful technology with other businesses, which conclusively help out both parties. Nowadays many societies have used this chance in achieving this delicate objective and by putting in good work, it has caused them to develop and modernize with the help of globalization. Giving a chance for poorly maintained societies to become better and operate efficiently. Furthermore, developing nations set up businesses and industries in poor regulated areas in order to take advantage of; low wage income, creating job opportunities, less costly prices due to many competing companies producing similar goods.

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Globalization provided many healthcare and education organizations throughout many societies. Education has increased over the past decade. This is because globalization has become a great catalyst in jobs that demand a great competence set. Two of the main goals in developing society is its education and healthcare system. Once these relationships are met and maintained, it will allow the nation to prosper economically and improve its overall standing. Also, apart from the better living standards, it also increases the life expectancy for advancing societies. With the help of a good healthcare service, nations are able to sanction and provide dependable service for their residents. In addition, many governments provide funds and necessary donations for a proper health and education centre for poor societies that cannot afford such things, which led to a significant cutback in the illiteracy rate. Through economic benefits, globalization helped decrease the illiteracy rate worldwide and improved living standards undoubtedly. “About 85% worldwide has a life expectancy of sixty years of age, which is about twice as much as the average life expectancy 100 years ago”, World Bank (2004). Globalization benefits both scientists and doctors to commit to their work and uncover many different treatments and create certain antibodies that will fill help against deadly sicknesses. For example, when HIV, swine flu, birds flu came into awareness. Thru globalization, many organizations and societies came together with one goal of eliminating those harmful epidemics. Imagine if globalization wasn’t made and those previously listed diseases took over the world.

Introducing different cultures has many benefits to society as a whole. Although, thru cultural introduction, many communities have changed immensely in good ways. Before globalization, other people weren’t aware of the vast amounts of different cultures were out there in the world. However, with the service of important gadgets of globalization like; internet, TV news stations, radios, satellites, and many technological advancements. The media has allowed various cultures in advertising and self-representing themselves on a global level. Cultural globalization affects the shared knowledge in which societies learn how to; value the ideas, cope with different principles and improve social relations. Furthermore, people are able to know and understand each other on a world scale. Cultural globalization is a way of distinguishing and preserving a certain culture and customs. There is interlace between cultures in many societies, however day by day when societies are exposed to different traditions, they by habit learn how to better cope with each other.

In conclusion, a system of globalization has intertwined many societies and improved them significantly. Whether long term or short term, the economies of nations have automatically upgraded under the impact of globalization. The size of companies has expanded on a foreign level, opening many job opportunities. Poor societies have made to be better equipped in education and healthcare systems. And lastly, many undermined cultures came into awareness by people all over the world, and many are fascinated and astonished by them immensely. Moreover, globalization is about the adequacy and creating market opportunities. Businesses get through with their partners and manage their dissemination system more efficiently.  


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