The Impact Of Media On Human Life

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I would like to tell you about the impact of media on the everyday life of a human being.

Media is an institution that sends important or less important information from the world. The recipients are all of us.

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By watching TV, listening to the radio, using the internet and reading newspapers, we learn what is happening in the city, state or in the world. We can also relax and break away from everyday obligations.

Today, the media has become an inseparable part of reality. They have a huge impact on people and specific communities. They not only organize life, but also lead to changes in intellectual, emotional and social care. They are an important and constantly developing sector of collective life, a type of business activity, they provide work for people of various professions, they produce sought-after cultural products. They are great institutions that relate to each other. Media is an instrument of social power, a tool for control, social management and mobilization.

The huge role of media play in modern education. It is a valuable source of information, both for teachers and students. Modern media allow you to gain knowledge about the world, promote new trends and help create your own systems of value and to develop attitudes and skills. They are a window to the world for those who use it skillfully. Therefore, the role of media in modern education must be seen not only in the aspect of incredible opportunities and the creation of huge opportunities, but also in the aspect of dangers, especially educational and social. Especially, we, young people, need to learn the right and critical reception of media messages. Often for young people, the Internet is becoming a place of entertainment and even gambling, for example, young people can sit in chat all night or play games, making money or losing money.

Looking at myself as a recipient of the media and how it affects my life: every morning preparing myself for work I listen to the radio, I know what the weather will be like and what I can get dressed in. After returning home from work, in my spare time I watch TV, I contact my friends via the Internet, I am looking for the necessary information for my studies. I try to use the ‘sea’ of information that crashes us and choose what will allow me to deepen my knowledge, shape and develop my interests and skills.

I hope the media have a positive role in my own life.


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