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The concept addressed in Macbeth was the more power you acquire, the more immoral acts you will undertake to control it. Initially, Macbeth, a loyal and courageous hero of the war, experiences a transition into darkness. What possessed him to do a series of horrific occurrences, that will not only render him as king but cost him his life. Nevertheless, he could not do so on his own. With support and incentive for desire, ambition, and protection; all of which led to corruption. What will be discussed in more depth in the following paragraphs?

The first way that power comes from corruption is through temptation. To begin with, Macbeth had little desire towards the throne until having an odd encounter with three witches. Foretelling Macbeth that eventually he would become Thane of Cawdor and after that future king of Scotland. Soon enough, the existing Thane of Cawdor was imprisoned for betrayal, honouring Macbeth as the new Thane of Cawdor for his valiant bravery on the battlefields. Which certainly should have been enough power? However, right the witches were in the first prediction of his fate, it played on his optimistic personality, producing a strong-minded man who will do anything to achieve power. The desire to get hold of him and the motivation of his determined wife Lady Macbeth driving him on. His eyes were fixed on the throne of Scotland.

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Secondly, we see that power of corruption is motivated by ambition. Greed possessed by both Macbeth and his wife to gain authority or more; nothing else counts but what they want to achieve. Easily influence, the witches’ prophecies ignite Macbeth’s ambition and therefore encourage violent acts of murder to become king. Macbeth’s mere idea of killing Duncan “unfix(es) his hair” and making his “heart knock at (his) ribs,” realizing that he is more nervous about thinking this idea rather than the purpose of doing so -he finds encouraging. Although the witches are not the only help that pushes Macbeth’s ambition.

His wife, Lady Macbeth becomes the spokeswoman for the couple due to her stating “ Yet do I fear thy nature;/ To catch the nearest way:” what she fears is Macbeth’s ambition, that he doesn’t intend enough to get the job done. By getting him to think of the benefits and threating him if he’s really a man. When the chance appears itself through the power of his love Macbeth destroys the king, now proved he’s a real man and that he is invincible.

Finally, his demand for power came true moreover, leading him into insecurity. His sense of balance skewed by a position of power. Stability was considered to be harder to achieve, which ultimately weakened his intelligence. And he was therefore manipulated to be reckless, ultimately controlling the lives of others. Because of Macbeth’s dishonest deeds, Banquo, Macduff, Malcolm, and a few other noblemen turn against him. Macbeth viewed these such men as seeking to use the powers of his kings for good and undermining them. Macbeth then thought that Banquo was his greatest threat at the time. To Banquo’s belief, he had suspected that Macbeth would have assassinated Duncan for his power although finding it hard to comprehend. Was his once honoured friend possibly capable? Macbeth remembers that the sons of Banquo were expected to get the throne based on the evidence of the witches ‘claim. The crown was nowhere near secure on his head. Macbeth intended to then employ killers to execute Banquo. Macbeth then continued to eliminate those he regarded as threats by sending further hired assassins to destroy Macduff’s family. As a consequence, fear of losing his place only ruined strong relationships, on top of that because of the guilt carried from Duncan’s murder his wife attempted suicide, died from it and, worst of all, Macbeth went on to kill more innocent people.

In conclusion, Shakespeare’s movie, Macbeth was mainly about a power craving couple who by blind ambition and witches’ predictions, killed for power. The main theme portrayed is the power of corruption. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were after absolute power, which is their key driving force to all of this. To be king (means taking control) it strengthens him to the unpredictable that was necessary by all means. Continuously depending on the witches for advice, to see whether his acts are correct, which he feels they are but what he’s not sure of is their actual harmful.

Although power did consume each of them because of their envy, selfishness, and lust, it tore them down leaving them with delusional thoughts and death. Unable to avoid this devasting destiny, that was brought upon their performance, which was not what they hoped to be. 


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