The Impact Of Stress On Our Life

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Stress is one of the biggest problems that society has. It can affect people of all ages like kids, students, adults, etc. Not everyone is able to handle all the pressure and stress that people can feel. This is why the majority of the illnesses are due to stress. Living under it can be so hard for some people that it can even make a person’s immune system weaker. This is why stress is considered the major reason for psychological illnesses. People need to be aware of the dangerous effects of stress so they can know how to react to them. Health issues, isolation, or even drug use are just a few of the effects that stress can bring into our lives.

The pressure that someone can feel based on different aspects of life can make them be stressful. For example, the pressure that a student has because he wants to get good grades. Or the pressure that a person can experience because his mom is mad at him or because his girlfriend broke up with him. All of this can make people feel like stressing out and takes them out of control.

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To begin with, stress can cause many health issues. For example, the more common is health concern like a migraine. Mary Aguilar who is a High School Dual Credit student suffers from it .She states – “Whenever I have to do an essay at the end of the six weeks, I lose control of myself. There’s a lot of things going on in my mind that the migraine is my environment. When I become stressed, literally there’s a pain in half of my head. Even my left eye begins to twitch. It’s a really ugly pain” she said. If Mary doesn’t feel good enough because of a migraine, she will not be able to do her work efficiently.

Along with her, the majority of society suffers from it or another kind of illness. Stress is mostly associated with a great variety of essentially dissimilar problems, such as surgical trauma, burns, emotional arousal, mental or physical effort, fatigue, pain, fear, the need for concentration, the humiliation of frustration, the loss of blood, etc. (Charlton 156). If a person who is stressed gain all those health issues, he could actually die. Although our body has been made to react well under stress, there’s a lot of people who do not have the same power to control the pressure. Some people use food as their refuge from everything that can cause obesity and even diabetes. They can also suffer from an anxiety attack or compulsive behavior. Stress can have a lot of effects on our health, this is why we need to be aware of it.

Secondly, another negative effect of stress is isolation. People under stress can feel like losing their mind that their first reaction is to separate from other people. This is because they feel like nobody is able to understand what they are feeling. Stress can develop loneliness which is often regarded as the psychological embodiment of social isolation (Steptoe 5796). They do that because they don’t usually socialize with some people who can make them feel even more stressed due to their bad actions, ideas, etc. What people don’t know is that isolation has a really big mortality risk. Loneliness can make self-esteem so low that in some cases can even lead to suicide. We all need to be in contact with the entire world. Our brain needs to be being useful, it needs to stay fresh so it would not be sad and useless. We also need healthy social relationships. On the other hand, there’s a big chance of you making yourself feel better because people can help you to go thru it. When individuals are stressing out, they need to be capable to ask for help. If they don’t do that, their health, self-esteem, etc. are going to be going down.

On the other hand, there’s another really dangerous effect which is drug use. People tend to look at drugs for an escape when the feeling is to be under pressure, stress, and despair. Society thinks that they can feel better with that “medication”. The truth is that a majority of those people instead of search for medication with a doctor ( who does know what are they going through ) tend to go for an easier way. The factors of it can be an unhappy marriage, dissatisfaction with employment, or harassment and they report higher than average rates of addiction (Goeders 33). All of these problems can make a person stress out and lose control of their life. The impacts that those can have could be so bad that some people can see drugs as their only way out.

All of these people are attracted to use drugs and feel better, but just for a moment or a couple of hours. The consequences of it will be very bad for their body and health. Society might be peaceful for a little while but is not worth it. The human brain and organs would be ruined very soon. People need to find a real solution to it. When a man uses drugs, he probably is going to end up being addicted. Also, if he doesn’t learn how to react to stress without using drugs he might end up dying.

In conclusion, stress can really affect your life. Health issues, isolation, and drugs use are not even half of all the consequences that stress can bring into your life. People need to be aware of the issues that stress has. Along with it, is important to know the signals of it and help each other. There’s a lot of things that people can do when they feel like stressing out. For example, they can do some exercises like yoga, chew gum, write it downs, etc. Society needs to understand that the solution is not to be alone or use drugs. Instead, they need to take time to themselves. A person needs to take a deep breath and remind himself it is not the end of the world. Sleep, eat, laugh, enjoy your life; stress is not going to take you anywhere. Nothing should have control of our lives, but ourselves.

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