The Impact Of Technology On Creative Thinking

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A lot of articles criticized technology for being too powerful on the society now a days. Some of those articles I searched online about the connection between creativity and technology tried to make me see the other side of it, such as if “the internet give us a template for everything, and limitless supply of content” which we can copy or even steal. In another article they said that, “The smartphone’s ability to keep us entertained whenever we are bored of one original thinking that might otherwise taken place”. This can be true, but in the minds of the writers of those articles, technology, creativity and innovation are the opposition.

In the past few decades, it has clearly been observed that technology has taken over almost everything in the world. Technology has had an incredible impact on us as human beings. This is why it is easy to imagine why some people might consider technology to be a good thing while others might not agree with this idea. The real question here, is technology limiting our creativity as human beings?

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One example of how our initial thinking of technology and creativity has been evolving since the last ten years are the video games. When the first video games were released, the public were told it would have this effect. It told us that video games are for people with nothing to do and that makes kids antisocial and less creative. Now, science is showing that video games can help users and young people to become more creative, not less. Video games is just one small part of how technology is growing and how it become a significant culture change in our society. “Like almost all wide-scale changes over the world, there are always negative consequences”.

In the case of technology, the benefits are more than the negative consequences, even when it comes to imagination and the original thought of an idea. Information does not eliminate creativity. We might have more data than ever in the palm of our hands, but that doesn’t mean we have to steal it or copy.

Who could have guessed fifteen years ago, that people from all over the world would be getting into the cars of strangers to travel from point A to point B? Also, who would have guessed that we would be sleeping in beds and houses of people we had never met in person, I’m talking about Uber and Airbnb. These two companies are now know as a worldwide companies that have changed our lifestyle in a good way.

Google is a tool we all use almost every single day, whether it is for searching something interesting or to find important information, or even just to find something funny. Google helps us and inspires us to innovate. Every time you search for an answer, google may help you find different ways to answer that question. Many platforms give you many pathways to search and to solve your problems. We have to realize that all the platforms are a “tool” for our daily life.

Technology is a way we can connect our ideas with the real world, and that for a lot of people is a new experience. That is why technology doesn’t enable creativity, but it nurtures it in different ways. We can inspire a lot of people by just uploading a video in YouTube. With an internet connection at home we can search how to upgrade our skills by watching a tutorial. We can explore more ideas and search for new talent also in this platform. People may think that spending too much time in our phones, iPads, computers or even on video games is a waste of time, but we don’t see the other face of the coin. We only want to see what past generations have told us about technology, and how can it influenced on our way of thinking. In the past, there were barriers to creativity that technology has succeeded to break them.

Another app that helps creativity in a good way is, Pinterest. In my personal experience, I remember the first time I used Pinterest. I was studying in Canada and in art class was mandatory to have an account on Pinterest. As a new student I ask why, the teacher said that there is where you can upload your art for people to see or you can also grab an idea or a sketch to start working on your future idea. I was impressed by these app.

Another perfect example of how technology can affect the way of thinking or even promote new ideas for another people that are on the other side of the world, is with social media apps. For some of us, social media is an important factor in our lives, for another people, it is a way to share their achievements, to share their creations, or just to share a great memory or important event in their lives.

In our daily lives we use a lot of technology. Instagram or any other platform we use to chat with our friends or just see some pictures, is a tool that our generation has to inspire ourselves. Technology is not perfect, and you will see there are hundreds of articles that will tell you why. The idea that technology is limiting creativity just simply isn’t true. We shouldn’t fear technology, we should take advantage of it and become better and more creative while we are doing it.

We fear that technology may take over the world, but the ideas of this may or may not have changed over the past years. We have to understand that technology is not everything in this world, technology is a small area that has a lot of impact in our society and in our personal lives. Technology is not as bad as this pandemic, it is a tool that helps us in many aspects of our life.

In conclusion, I think this writing will make you understand the positive side of technology. So now, when you use an app to create or to innovate, think of yourself as a new generation, but also think that you are an inspiration for others.

It is fair to argue and to say that technology does limit the creativity in younger people. We need to give children the fact that they are simply using the tools at their disposal, but what if she or he wants to see their art come to life. We should provide people from all over the world with more ways or paths to be creative and original and that is what the world needs the most now.

That’s what technology means to me. It means to bring some idea, thought or even a word into life. Open your mind to new opportunities to innovate or to be creative. Take a chance to show this generation and the future about the importance of joining creativity and technology.


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