The Impact The Seasons Along With Its Weather Conditions Have On Bike Rentals

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The purpose of this study is to explore some of the different variables that influence the amount of bike rentals, specifically which seasons contribute to an increase in rented bike counts. The study seeks to answer the research question, does a change in season (winter, spring, summer, and autumn) along with its weather conditions increase the amount of bike rentals? The goal is to analyze which season contributes to an increase in the rental bike count.

Weather significant affects businesses in different ways ranging from products, employees, customers and property. All types of businesses can be directly or indirectly affected by good or bad weather. Let us consider a bike rental company that rents bikes to individuals. When it comes to riding a bike, the weather plays an important role since a bike since a bike does not provide complete shelter from weather conditions such as rainfall or excessive wind.

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My hypothesis is that individuals will ride more bike during the summer times when the road conditions are safe and the weather conditions are sunny and bright.

Review of Literature

This literature review will discuss the different seasons namely winter, spring, summer, and autumn along with the associated weather conditions experienced in each season. This study will further advance to determine which season contributes to an increase in bike rental counts.

Typical seasonal weather patterns vary from one place to another. There are some weather phenomena that only occur in specific seasons and others that are more prone in certain seasons.

Since the beginning of time the seasons has always existed, the seasons are caused due to the earths tilted axis. Throughout the year different parts of the earth receive the suns most direct rays. For example, when the north pole tilts towards the sun, its summer in the northern hemisphere and when the south pole tilts towards the sun, its winter in the northern hemisphere.

As individuals continue to partake in activities that release pollutants and toxins into the air, global warming has progressively became a growing concern. The effects of global warming include changes in climate that result in changes in temperature, rainfall and the way the seasons transitions into one another. Due to this change in the climate, individuals behaviour also gets altered as a new season arrives with different weather conditions, we will discuss the various weather conditions according to its respective season.

Winter Weather

Winter often brings a chill, some areas may experience snow and ice while others see only the cold rain. During these weather conditions individuals try and stay indoors and keep warm. The streets are cold and wet which often lead to many accidents. During winter those that can avoid public transport will and would prefer their own vehicle if they possess one and this also leads to an increase in traffic on the roads. When it comes to bike rentals, less people would prefer driving a bike during traffic due to personal safety reasons and comfortability during the wet season. Also bikes don’t provide much protection therefore most people fear this mode of transport.

Spring Weather

During spring (fall) time, seeds take root and vegetation begins to grow. The weather is warmer and often wetter. The rainfall has not stopped completely but the sun does come out occasionally and a good day of warmth is experienced. The season of spring brings new flowers on tree and this could be a beautiful sight as one ride through the city and passing nearby trees or flowers. Therefore, bike rentals during the season of spring isn’t entirely impossible but it will be highly reduced as the beginning stages of spring does include rainfall and windy weather condition.

Summer Weather

In summer time, temperatures may increase to the hottest of the year. If temperature spikes too high, heat waves and droughts may cause serious issues for people, animals and plants. The season of summer brings hot and dry weather conditions furthermore, during the warmer days of the summer individuals will have more leisure time and spend more time outdoors, which will influence them to want to take a stroll on the bike and explore the views around them. During the summer days individuals feel more safe on the clear roads and feel more comfortable being able to ride bike without many layers of clothing.

Autumn Weather

In Autumn, the weather gets colder and often windy with very little rainfall. As the season progresses it gets colder and more rain appears to fall as it prepares for the next season which is winter. During the season of Autumn trees begin to lose their leaves and become bare.

It is important for bike rental companies to understand how individuals are altering their behaviour when it comes changing their transportation methods as a result of a weather conditions and seasonal changes. Therefore, bike rental companies needs to find ways for individuals to be able to use bikes regardless of the seasonal changes.


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