The Importance Of Adventure: Persuasive Essay

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“One who goes nowhere is infinitely safer than one who goes everywhere. The one who stays then has to listen to the one who goes, while he who goes is in more danger he is the one who really lives.” J.R.M. In life it is important for people to seek ‘adventure’, adventure can be as simple as just trying something new like camping. When you camp there are all sorts of things you need to learn, but learning these things is fun and exciting. Should you go out and adventure into the world you can meet new people and make new friends. Those who adventure, learn new things, make new friends, go places, are happier than those who do not. Life is short, go out into the world and do things, if you do not you will grow bored with you life and choices, adventure is learning new things and making new friends.

If you want to live life to the fullest and feel you have lived a good life, go out and explore the world. Go places, go somewhere new that you have always dreamed about. Get out go ahead get lost (but not too lost) find yourself in nature. Say you have no ideas on where you want to go or what you want to try find a library and research. Want to go to Hawaii, go to Hawaii and then come back and talk to people you know. Tell them all the things you saw and did. Tell stories real or fictional about where you went, learn the local legends and tell them to your friends and family. Exploring the world gives you this sense of freedom like nothing else ever will. Leaving can be a real challenge but when you come back you will be changed for the better, you will feel free and relaxed. Or freer and filled with adrenaline. Whatever kind of adventure you choose you will never regret it.

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Adventure is really just stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something you have never done before. Adventuring does not have to be scary, do it with friends. If you have never gone camping but a trusted friend has, ask to tag along next time. Ask them to teach you the things that are important for camping. Learning new things is easy. Nowadays you can just look up a how to on Youtube, or go to the library and find a book on how to do something you want to learn how to do. Exploration or adventure is many things but in its simplest form adventure is just trying something new and exciting. Learn how to climb a tree if you have never done it before, if you have climbed many trees than teach someone else to: both are adventures of sorts. Not all adventures are trials, some like Bilbo Baggins’ adventure in The Hobbit are but some like Harry’s first divination lesson in Harry Potter (and the Prisoner of Azkaban) are not trials.

Experiences are brilliant ways to meet new people or make new friends. People are generally friendly (yes there are some that are not but find nice people) and most are willing to teach you things you have never done before. Events in different places are pretty cool ways to adventure. Say you live in Lethbridge Alberta then maybe go see or participate in Mardi Gras in New Orleans. If you want to visit a new place part of the experience is learning a new language, and trying new foods. Incidentally, meeting new people can help you communicate your adventures a little more clearly, get the person to help you learn the ways of the place you are in for example if you are visiting Britain make a friend and then find out where the best places to go are. Or go somewhere you have never been in your home place and meet a person whose company you enjoy. Individuals in themselves are adventures.

People need to realize that their lives are not forever and will end sooner than they would like, they need to go out and do things or you will fall into despair and disregard, people need to learn new things and make friends with other adventurers. In short, people should seek out an adventure of some sort, even if it is just trying something new or different. Learning new things can make you a happier person, and can allow you to be able to teach other people new things. Meeting people in life is of the utmost importance and improves your chances of healthy relationships. Adventure is really just a synonym for living, in a way that makes you happy and free, will you be the one who stays and is safe for your life or the one who goes and is in danger but happy and free?


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