The Importance of Education and Philosophy of Teaching: Analytical Essay

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I believe a proper education is one of the most important things that someone can obtain. I believe that education goes beyond the classroom walls, its within everyone and is found in everything. Every students’ way of learning differs from one another. Some people may be good at learning by listening, while others, including myself, are good at watching in order to learn.

Proper teaching requires a certain relationship and understanding between a student and a teacher. Teachers possess the power to change the lives of young people. I personally know of many teachers from my elementary years, who have had a huge impact on me. Being a teacher requires you to have patience, and it requires you to approach every child differently. As a teacher, I feel that it is important to bring creativity and expression into the classroom. The students that I will teach, along with many other teachers, are our future. They will be our children’s teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. As a teacher, you need to motivate and encourage each and every student to the best of your abilities. It’s important to be passionate about your profession, and it shows in the work you put in.

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As a teacher, I envision myself to be fun, enthusiastic, and I plan on doing everything in my power to make sure every child feels comfortable. I want my classroom to be a welcoming environment where every kid looks forward to going into school, rather than dread it. It’s important to show teamwork and respect for others as well. This helps children with social skills, and it teaches them how to make friends. I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of positivity and role models. It’s important to guide and mentor children by setting good examples. These children spend an entire school year with you and look up to you throughout that year. School should be a safe and secure environment. I also believe that listening to the kids’ needs is extremely important because it shows that they are not alone. I would hope that as a teacher, my students will be able to confide in me and trust me if there’s ever an issue. Teachers should be responsible for developing the children’s behavior, morals, and kindness. I plan on having many different teaching strategies and methods that I could use in the classroom. I plan on being open to new ideas and to use newer methods such as incorporating technology and pop culture into my lessons.

Every child now a days has some sort of device whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad, or even just a television. People may think that just because children have other methods of learning things for themselves, such as a television show or a YouTube video, that there is no need to pay for an education. I personally believe that this statement can’t be anymore untrue. The education system isn’t just about learning the basics and going home. The education system is about learning, it’s about friendships, it’s about social skills, it’s about expression, and more importantly, it’s about finding yourself. Every single video online consists of people faking things in their lives or fabricating the truth, so it’s important for children to learn how to be themselves rather than feel the need to conform to standards set by people online. Teachers provide life skills and lessons that cannot be taught online. Online, you are unable to interact with other humans, which would lead to children having no social life. Sports teams and clubs run by teachers and faculty are extremely important because it allows the children to feel involved and included. Real teachers can be the only source of stability in a child’s life so it’s good for the child to get out of the house for a little while. Being a teacher requires hard work and dedication, and I am more than willing to provide that to the students that I will have the honor of teaching one day.


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