The Importance Of Reading In Our Life

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Reading is a process by which one attempts to mentally ‘reconstruct’ such a message from its printed representation. The extent to which the reconstructed message matches the one originally intended by the writer is the extent to which communication occurs. In reading new information is always learned in relation to previous knowledge. It’s important for a reader to have certain purposes and expectations about what a reading selection contains so that appropriate to prior knowledge can be brought to bear'( Mckenna, C & Robinson, D. 2009,pp 23-24). Reading has more advantages to a person, for example, one is able to gain more knowledge he/ she did not know about. The following are reasons why I love reading.

Reading has been one of my best hobbies since I was a little girl. Reading became part of me the moment I joined my primary school in the year 2002. My class teacher made me love reading since she could help me do it. In case I came to a hard word to read she could come to help me to read it. Every day in school i could read a storybook, which later in the evening i could go narrate it to the English teacher. She used to congratulate me and tell me to keep on doing it. My mother back at home motivated me to read since she could buy new storybooks each time. Through my class teacher and my mom, I really loved reading and I still love reading till now. They made me take reading as one of my hobbies, I usually read during my free time and when I come across any new article. Actually, I prefer reading to swimming or travelling to new places.

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To learn new thins an gain knowledge has been one of my reasons why i love reading. Through reading the Animal books and literature that I knew more about the animals their species, characters and many more. From Animal books I learnt about the lion, the king of the jungle, I knew about how they are brave, how they kill other small animals so as to get food and how they take care of their young ones. Reading has also helped me gain a lot of knowledge that I never knew before, I am able to distinguish between the good and bad things. By reading the Bible the book of Genesis (1,2,3) i knew about the creation of God its importance to man. It is also from reading the science books that I knew about the human body parts and their functions.

My primary English teacher could remind us every day. ‘ You must read more storybooks and books in order to learn new words so as to improve your vocabulary'(personal communication, (2009). Through this advice, I took reading as a serious thing. I made sure that I read at least three new books in a week so as to get new words to add up to the vocabulary library. Anytime i came i new words when reading the books or magazines i could write it down. This really helped me improve my compositions or any writing competition that I could participate in. My grammar also improved, I could always speak English so fluent that everybody admired it.

Reading has always improved my memory. Like for when i was in high school we used to read several netbooks such as Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga and The River and The Source by Margret Ogola. By reading these books our memories were improved since from each set book one had to identify its characters, the themes and even stylistic devices used there. Like for the book of Betrayal in the City , it had characters such as Mulili, Regina and Justus and the theme of betrayal portrayed itself.

On the other hand, reading can be very expensive and tiresome. It’s expensive since the books have to be purchased in order to read them, and if one has no money to buy the book to read then he/she cant read. Its also tiresome because one can take the whole day reading without taking a break this can lead even to back pains due to straining.

In conclusion, reading is a very important skill, through reading one is able to gain more knowledge about something


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