The Industrial Revolution In Britain And The USA

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Throughout history, many significant events have changed the way life is lived and such occurrences include the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. One of the most crucial events that transpired in Great Britain which changed the way that individuals maneuvered life and also later affected all of Europe, Asia, and the Americas is the Industrial Revolution. In addition to the Industrial Revolution affecting England and all of its surrounding countries politically and economically, it also affected all of these locations socially. Although several great inventions and habits arose from this revolution, not every individual might have seen it as a positive event. Instead, one might argue that it had a negative impact on the people, the environment, and society. Britain and the United States of America had very similar social and political impacts, both positive and negative, as a result of their own industrial revolutions such as the position of women, men demanding fair wages, technological advancements and working facilities.

In the US, the Industrial Revolution first affected the country politically by having the role of a woman change drastically over the years of the revolution. Some women became teachers, nurses, and secretaries, which was very unusual during those times. Prior to the industrial revolution, women would stay home and take care of their children and of the house. In addition, for women to have jobs was also very unusual because most of the jobs that women became a part of belonging to the men before and there were severe gender inequality issues where women could not speak up or defend themselves as men had more power over them. For Britain on the other hand, one political effect that occurred is that workers, mainly male workers, would demand fair wages so that they could be paid what they deserved for the number of hours that they worked. To add, male workers also demanded, like women in the U.S, to be able to have a voice, but for males, it was specifically pointing towards politics and government. Overall, the role of women and the fair wage that men greatly desired during the Industrial Revolution in both the U.S and Britain are very similar as they include individuals, males in Britain and females in the US, that wished they had the opportunity to speak up more but could not due to the circumstances that they were in.

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Along with the United States having a very similar political impact to Britain because of their own Industrial Revolutions, they also had very similar social outcomes. In the US, the Industrial Revolution had several positive effects and those include new technologies beginning to emerge such as the railroad. Railroads facilitated life for Americans to a vast extent since individuals could use them to travel all across the country and also utilized them to distribute various different goods . As for Britain, a social impact that the Industrial Revolution had on its society which in this case is not a positive result is that more and more individuals had to work in extremely dangerous and filthy areas such as coal mines and factories, and they would not get paid the amount of money that they deserved. There were numerous casualties and every day coming from those locations. Mainly children would be the ones receiving these injuries since they might not be able to adequately handle those working environments and the long hours that they were made to work. Since the technology was improving rapidly, which includes inventions such as the steam engine and the typewriter, some jobs would be replaced by machines, and individuals would be left without employment and have to turn to crime to take care of themselves and/or their families. All in all, the United Kingdom and the United States of America both had very similar social impacts because even though Britain seems to have many more negatives than America’s positives, they both stemmed out of technology that was a result of the Industrial Revolution that occurred in both countries.

The political impacts in the US and Britain as a result of the Industrial Revolution are very similar as they arose from people that desired to have the opportunity to speak up more but could not or did not have the ability to do so because of the circumstances that they were in. Both countries had very similar social impacts because although Britain seems to have many more negative impacts compared to America’s positive impacts, they both stemmed out of technology that was a result of the Industrial Revolution that occurred in both countries. Overall, the Industrial Revolution is one of the most significant events in history as it affected an abundance of countries and also made other countries want to begin industrializing as well.


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