The Issue Of Unsafe Sex

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We live in an age where more than 40% of teenagers participate in sex and 46% of that sex is unsafe sex. (Lohmann, 2018) Unsafe sex is sexual activities in which precautions are not taken to reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. The statistics make it clear that teenagers participate in unprotected sex due to the fact that they are being pressured to, their under the influence of drugs or alcohol or they’re on birth control. On top of that research has found that the failure of teens to use condoms consistently, is caused by their beliefs that it reduces sexual pleasure. (unprotected sex, -)

When participating in unsafe sex there are a variety of long term and short-term effects. Short term effects include sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, syphilis, hepatitis B, HIV’s, AIDS, HPV’s and more. Whereas unwanted pregnancies are a long-term effect. But how can we prevent some of these from happening, well some strategies are to use a condom, and use it before its expiry date so it doesn’t break. Pulling out before ejaculating, not reusing condoms and having sex with only one partner. Other strategies would be getting tested, communicating to whom you have sex with or being aware that drugs and alcohol may be a influence. (safe sex, -) Using condoms are one of the easiest strategies to use, to make sure your having safe sex. You can carry a condom in your wallet or purse so you don’t have to look for one if you’re in the middle of having sex, if your too embarrassed to buy them from the shops or a pharmacy some public toilets have small vending machines where you can buy them from. Make sure your partner is tested and doesn’t have an STI and don’t believe that you can tell if they have one or not. Lastly make sure if you are using a condom get the right size and make sure its not expired.

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Research has proven that 40% of teenagers that are still in school have participated in some type of sexual intercourse and 10% of those teens have participated in sexual intercourse with four or more people. This risky behaviour is conducted with high school students across the nation. 41% of male students and 38% of kids aged from 13 to 18 have reported to participate in any type of sexual activity. What’s more disturbing is 46 % of these students don’t use condoms. Furthermore, more than 10 million new sexually transmitted infections each year has reportedly been amongst teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24.

Peer pressure, drugs and alcohol consumption are only a small amount of reasons why teenagers take part in unsafe sex. As I have stated before there are a variety of strategies to prevent your self from getting std’s (etc) such as using condoms and communicating. So to sum everything up even though it might be embarrassing to buy condoms or talk to your partner about std’s, it’s a necessity to be cautious about your wellbeing and health.


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