The Liberals: Canada’s Leading Political Party

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Whenever federal elections start coming up, political parties use nearly every platform including posters, social media ads, and flyers to promote themselves. At such a time, Canadians are always sent into a frenzy and confusion as to which party is the best choice, and quite understandably, creates a headache for many. What most fail to realize is that the Liberals have not only demonstrated that they are more than capable to govern the country, but they are also the only party willing to make necessary changes for the betterment of Canadian citizens through improving climate change, childcare services, and education.

One of the major threats that the world is facing, and will only continue to fight, is climate change. Climate change is already happening with the unexpected weather patterns and rising temperatures globally, affecting billions in their day to day lives. Therefore, it is essential that Canadians elect a party that is willing to acknowledge this problem and have a proper plan on how to address it and contribute to a healthy Earth. The Liberals have already put the carbon tax into place, which will encourage businesses to cap their carbon emissions. Although it has been met with criticism and some unpleasant feelings, NDP and the Green party both agree that it is the best course of action to help encourage consumers to gradually purchase and use green technology vehicles. At a time when drastic action is needed, the Conservatives will only bring the government backwards by slashing the carbon tax just to appease to some present complaints. In an effort to protect the environment, the Liberals say that they will protect up to 25 percent of Canada’s land, including forests, lakes, and ocean habitats by 2025. The Liberals have also pledged to ban single use plastics from coast to coast as early as 2021, which will greatly reduce the pollution in the ocean. As citizens are concerned about the environment and the horrendous reality of climate change, Liberals are the only party who are willing to make realistic changes in order to address this issue.

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With the rise in employment rates in women, more families with dual income, and larger numbers of immigrants, the demand for childcare has risen steadily in the past few years. The strategies Liberals propose for childcare as immigration grows every year are the very ones needed to uphold and boost the economy. Last year alone, the Liberals let in more than 320,000 immigrants, many of which are needed to fill in jobs in the workforce. Along with these immigrants and a larger working force comes a greater importance on the matter of child services and care. The Canada Childcare Benefit is arguably the Liberal’s most successful policy they have ever established. The policy replaced the multiple tax credits and universal child care benefits that the Conservatives put in place. Once established, this program has brought more than 300 000 children out of poverty in the past few years and has greatly boosted the overall economy. The Liberals will increase the Childcare Benefit by 15 percent for parents with children under the age of one, and ultimately make parental benefits tax free. As more and more parents have started working, Liberals have also promised to create more than 250,000 new child care spaces. The population is rapidly growing due to immigration, and these new changes towards helping parents with childcare will help those who can’t afford or find any care for their little ones.

In an effort to appeal to the 18 to 24-year-old cohort, the Liberals have promised to help parents and students in terms of education and jobs, some of the greatest factors when it comes to elections. As post-secondary education is constantly becoming expensive, a 2018 Canadian University Survey Consortium reported that the average debt after a student graduated from their last year was at a staggering $27,929. To help with this matter, the Liberal government has promised to boost the Canada Student Grants by around 40 per cent – that means from $3000 to $4200. This is money that students do not need to pay back and will greatly “help with the rising cost of tuition, books, and rent”. They have also proposed to make student loans interest free for two years after graduation, allowing a grace period for the students to get started and begin earning a proper income. Graduates will not have to start repaying the loans until they start making more than $35,000 a year – a significant increase from the previous $25,000. In terms of jobs, the country has seen a four-year low of unemployment rates once Trudeau’s Liberals took office in 2015. They also want to extend Employment Insurance sick benefits from 15 to 26 weeks to help ensure the safety and contentment of workers, even seasonal ones. Liberals are willing to help students with both their education as well as jobs, ensuring the quality of life of each individual.

The Liberals have proven once, and will prove again, that they are the party Canadians need to vote for. Everything from the environment to job outlook and benefits show that the Liberals are looking for the overall benefit of ordinary people who lead ordinary lives. Immigration, childcare benefits and services, jobs, and student grants are only a few of the major benefits Canadians will gain if the Liberals are elected once again. Remember, whoever aspires for change that helps millions of Canadians in extremely important aspects, knows that the Liberals are clearly the best choice.


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