Essays on The Lottery

The Lottery: Revealing The Theme Through The Tone And Symbols

As one knows, whether the story is fiction, or nonfiction every story develops a real life message known as theme. All authors are great at developing a theme. For example, “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. The story “The Lottery” catches a reader’s attention even when there is no interest. In the story “The Lottery” the...
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The Lottery: Analysis Of Human Nature

Shirley Jackson’s short story The Lottery examines the inconsistent nature of human reaction and reasoning, and how it is used to justify and even incite immoral intent and actions against the ‘other’. Jackson’s representation of tradition as a means to normalise and instigate violence, criticises the human capacity for the inhumane when it is permitted...
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Gender Question In The Lottery

Shirely Jackson, writer of many art works, in her short story “The Lottery”(1948) argues that tradition should not be followed in every situation when men are always first, and women take the backseat. Jackson shows her argument with different examples that include traditional living versus newer living. She writes to an audience of all ages...
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