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These characters are strong in their way and have more in common than they think. The most recognizable character in this movie is Neo played by Keanu Reeves, he plays a tech guy that does not know his place in the world. His life was good until he met a man show him everything he thought he knew was not real. Morpheus played by Laurence Fishburne, plays as a Zion operative one of the leaders to protect his home from the robots called sentinels. He discovered The Matrix, an open world where humans are held captive into what they think is real. Morpheus has devoted him to saving the human race and free people from The Matrix. He gives everyone a choice to stay or be release from The Matrix.

Trinity is another protagonist played by Carrie-Anne Moss, she plays as one of the members of the resistance to save the human race. She travels through The Matrix with Morpheus to free people of their prison and to gain back their humanity. Another protagonist is Tank played by Mark Chong, he plays as the operator that navigates and guides the members of the resistance through The Matrix. Furthermore he pilots a hovercraft called the Nebuchadnezzar that delivers EMP’s to counterattack against sentinels. The last protagonist is the oracle played by Gloria Foster, she plays as a program in The Matrix that was created to interpret aspects of the human psyche. After she served her purpose, she went into exile and aided the resistance in the machine war. She also has the powers to predict the future and most times it is quite accurate. The main antagonist in this movie is Agent Smith played by Hugo Weaving, he plays as an officer and protects potential threats to the system. He is also referred by Morpheus as the agent of the system.

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The two characters Neo and Agent Smith have the same purpose or leitmotifs. They are driven to rebel against control. For example in the first movie, Neo does not exactly believe in his fate. Whereas Agent Smith fights his purpose in The Matrix which is to eliminate rebels such as neo. Although he fought his purpose he wants to be free from the Matrix. The movie was released on March 31, 1999, and lasts for 2hours and 30 minutes. The Producers are Joe Silver, Erwin Stoff, Lana Wachowski, and Lily Wachowski. The Director is the Wachowski Brothers. The Genre for this spectacular movie action, Science Fiction, adventure, fantasy.

Don Davis is the composer for the movie. He was born in Anaheim, California. Don was enrolled in UCLA where he continued his studies for musical composition. He learned his orchestration from his teacher Albert Harris. His first job was working for composing Mark Snow’s TV series. From there, he has worked as an orchestrator and conductor for people such as Micheal Kamen, Alan Silvestri, and James Horner just to name a few. ·He is known for his work on The Matrix Reloaded (2003), The Matrix (1999) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003). Furthermore, he is known for the 2001 film Jurassic Park III and A Match Made in Heaven. He’s won the BMI Music Award three times following the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music. He also won an Emmys in 1990 for Beauty and the Beast and won another one in 1995 for Sea Quest DSV. In 2004, he produced the music score for the BBC Science Fiction documentary series Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, released as Voyage to the Planets and Beyond in the United States. He wrote scores mostly for television series up until 1995, in which he wrote a few of the cues for the animated Disney motion picture A Goofy Movie.

Thomas Anderson is the main character and narrator of the movie. He is a hacker for a software programmer, and he is contacted by Morpheus and Trinity. Thomas knows he has to find Morpheus as quickly as possible, though he is slowed by Agents that try to stop him. When Neo is captured, the agents torture Thomas before he manages to get free. Thomas is informed he had no way of preparing for this crisis upon him and the world he is living in is not real. Thomas is offered two pills, one that will show him reality and another that will let him continue living his calm and perfect in the Matrix. Thomas chooses the pill that leads him to wake up in a slime pod, beside a lot of other sleeping people. Thomas doesn’t understand what is happening to him but is met with Morpheus and his team when rescued. They explain that robots have taken over the world and that they are mating on humans to gain energy. Thomas, as fate explains it, is supposed to save the world. The movie uses a linear plot. Additionally, it uses Mickey Mousing, for example, when Neo is trying to show Morpheus how much Martial Arts he has acquired through his training, the music mimics with the physical actions.

“For a long time, I couldn’t get into the score by Don Davis, but I loved the songs in the film. I guess I was like most people in that respect, but in recent years, things have changed. Listening to The Matrix is a great experience. It feels like pure energy, just like the movie. Waves after waves of this music are coming my way, and I simply love it. Some find it repeating, but the way Davis manipulates me with those fast strings and longhorns, I simply have to submit to his genius. Yes, The Matrix was groundbreaking, not just for the visual effects, but the music as well. For 1999, this is pretty different. Still, as groundbreaking, as it was, I do enjoy the sequel more in a musical sense, but more on that later when I review it.” By Jorn Tillnes from Soundtrack Geek. The critic is spot on with his response. Jorn explains as the first movie of The Matrix series with the music matching the mood of the scenes. This shows that the compositor is more than capable to do this franchise and any other legendary franchises anyone wishes for him to be apart of. Jorn also points out that the movie is action-packed. The music mainly keeps you honed into what is going on, and you will never be able to look away.

To know what the movie’s most influential scene is. You have to see the movie. When Neo is rescued from the agents, Trinity brings him to the mysterious Morpheus. In this scene, Morpheus begins to tell Neo about the Matrix, that it is all around us. When turning on the television, eating food, going to work, and you can feel it when you are around others. All of these illusions were to prevent people to uncover the truth that the sentinels took over the world including the human race. Neo has been born into a prison that he is not able to recognize and trapped in his mind. Morpheus further explains that no one can force to see for what the world is but he has to experience seeing it for himself. Morpheus shows two pills one is red and the other is blue. The Red is to wake Neo from his prison and learn the knowledge of the world’s harsh truths. The Blue pill is to put Neo to sleep and return to his life like nothing ever happened. Neo takes the red pill and begins to see for what the system is. If Neo had taken the blue pill it shows that he comfortable being a slave and having no humanity, but he shows that he wants to know everything about what happened in the real world. This is when Morpheus is convinced that he is the one that can lead to freedom from the sentinels.

Overall, this scene represents slavery vs. humanity. In other words, while other people were trapped in their minds picturing the perfect life, Neo dared to break free of the system because like Trinity and Morpheus he does not like being controlled or having strings attached to him

In my opinion, effects-wise the film is amazingly eye-popping and it deservedly was awarded the Oscar for best effects even better than Star Wars. The reason that I think The Matrix deserved the Oscar for best effects is that that the effects in The Matrix are more innovative than the ones in Star Wars. Just take a look at how many times the effects have been exaggerated and you’ll probably agree. The effects also help in the theme of the film and in creating a very related atmosphere unlike the one seen in Blade Runner and this works phenomenally. After all of these years, the effects still hold their ground against new science fiction films. Add the effects to the marvelous editing and you have a visual masterpiece on your hands. Very well done. This motion pictured movie combines Science Fiction with a large load of different martial arts such as Wing Chun, Tai Chi, and Wu-Tang just to name a few. I also love that put some symbolism in there. For example, The Oracle in greek history was a reconciliation between God and man. The name in Latin means “Know thy self.” Anyone could ask the Oracle questions and get an answer, sometimes in a riddle that often wouldn’t make sense until later. In The Matrix, The Oracle is a program that represents similar to Greek mythology. She shows off her powers when Neo enters the kitchen he would knock over the vase, and another time when she knew that he had some questions for her about The Matrix. I liked how they chose to use the third person. This film showed how each character viewed the world through their eyes.


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