Essays on The Myth of Sisyphus

The Myth Of Sisyphus: Revealing Of Human Nature

The myth of Sisyphus is about a king who confronted the gods and chained Death, so no one could die. After Death was freed and it was time for Sisyphus to die, he escaped from the underworld. When the gods eventually caught him, they sentenced him to an eternal ounishement. Sispyphus had to push a...
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The Meaning Of Life And The Philosophical Question Of Suicide

Rick and Morty, by Justin Roiland, is an animated science fiction series about the never-ending adventures of Rick Sanchez, a genius alcoholic and a careless scientist, alongside with him is his grandson Morty, an anxious and rather blatantly unintelligent teenager. Who together, they explore the infinite universes leaving remnants of havoc behind and almost always...
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The Link Between Camus And The Myth Of Sisyphus

There are two significant modalities within Camus’s works: the question of suicide, and the question of murder. In ‘The Myth of Sisyphus,’ Camus stated that there was only one serious philosophical problem, that of suicide. Everything else comes after. After Nietzsche’s proclamation of the death of God, Camus asked what now gave meaning to existence....
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