Essays on The Notebook

The Notebook: The Theme Of Love

The author who wrote the best-selling novel “The Notebook,” Nicholas Sparks, was yet again showed the readers his brilliance in the romantic-yet-sometimes-ill-fated style of writing and storytelling in his latest novel “Every Breath,” published in 2018 under Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group publishing company. Sparks is an American romance novelist widely...
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The Notebook: Critical Review

The movie that I am going to be defending, against what I believe is baseless criticism is ‘the Notebook’, a 2004 film adaptation of the much-acclaimed Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, directed by Nick Cassavetes. It is the complicated love-story of two teenagers who are separated by happenings in life and circumstances and...
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The Notebook: The Incredible Story Of Nicholas Charles Sparks' Life

Nicholas Charles Sparks – His Incredible Story Many people around the world enjoy reading romance novels. For Nicholas Sparks, writing them is his passion. Sparks is known around the world for his popular stories about love, small towns in North Carolina, and the likeable characters. He enjoys writing romance novels, but is reluctant to giving...
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