Essays on The Outsiders

The Outsiders: Societies Inability Of The Main Characters

S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders,” comments on Ponyboy’s, Johnny’s, and Darry’s societies inability to meet their needs. Their society is unsupportive and unsustainable, as it fails to give them safety, trust, and a sense of connection with others. The injustices that they have faced, have lasting negative effects on their lives. Hinton wrote “The Outsiders” in...
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The Outsiders: The Themes In A Novel

The Outsiders by S.E Hinton published in 1967. This novel is about two teen rival gangs known as the Greases (the lower class) and the Socs (the higher class). Throughout the story, you read about two boys who develop a friendship while going on a wild adventure to escape the police after a terrible crime....
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Comparison Of The Outsiders And The Alchemist

The Outsiders demonstrates the hero’s Journey better than Santiagos by showing the following hero’s journey stages: meeting the mentor, a refusal to the call and crossing the threshold. Ponyboy has a better mentor than Santiago because he gives the boys life saving advice. In the Outsiders, the mentor is Dallas Winston. Dallas Winston gives Ponyboy...
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