The Overview Of Julius Caesar's Impact

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Who is Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was born on the 12th of July in 100 BCE in Rome, Italy. When Caesar was a child. Rome was a very rough place because the government was becoming ineffective because of military losses and over-expansion. Rome had been in a battle with the Germanic that had lasted for centuries. Also when Rome was over expanding it was good for more materials and resources but with all this land and area, there was no way to communicate faster to different parts of Rome from attacks. When Caesar was sixteen, his father had passed and he had to become the head of the family. So he managed to nominate himself as the new high priest of Jupiter. When sulla the ruler of Rome decided to become a dictator he wanted to kill all of his enemies, especially the ones who believed in Popular ideology. (democratic system and more rights for the lower class) so caesar was one of Sulla’s targets so Ceasar fled the city to escape from sulla but caesars never really escaped, his punishment was passed to his mother’s family. and he soon lost his position as priest and he left without supporting his family and soon joined the army.

What are some good impacts that Caesar had

Ceasar was a very influential person whose impacts still affect Rome to this day. Ceasar was loved by all the people of Rome and I believe to a great extent did Julius Caesar leave a good impact on Rome because caesar was a great leader. His motivational speeches showed his views and he was able to change others perspectives on things and with his motivational speeches, he was able to lead his team through tough and stressful full times, and with his inspirational speeches, military knowledge, and military strategies he was able to lead his team to victory even though their weapons were not better then Gauls. But after this war, there was a huge amount of unemployment and debt and caesar really wanted to help the people of Rome so he offered jobs to people in romes overseas colonies. and for the unemployed who stayed behind were receiving monthly grain to survive on. Another reason why caesar had a great impact on Rome was that he created a new calendar which is still in use today and he provided entertainment such as gladiator games and banquets. And he also built libraries to help the education in Rome Also, he tried to end all suffering and violence so he started projects to help clean up the dangerous streets in Rome.

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What are some bad impacts that Caesar had

Although some may consider caesar a good person because of all the good things he has done for Rome someone could argue that caesar was a bad person. Caesar was victorious over all of his enemies and just because he was stronger and smarter than his enemies he claimed himself as dictator for life so he put an end to all elections for lower offices so no one can take his place he also put an end to the power of the representatives of Rome. also, he betrayed his allies by attacking Gaul’s town and enslaving roman friends also as dictator caesar, had lots of power and started using all the power for himself, for example, he had his face on all the coins which were previously an illegal act. He forced the people of Rome to build him a palace and he made multiple ivory statues that he made people carry to religious ceremonies. He has made some terrible decisions that have not only affected him but everyone in Rome but not everyone hears about what he has done that has negatively affect Rome they only hear how good of a leader he is.


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