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A community is some thing all of us comprehend very well. The fitness centre or our very own vicinity that we workout, has a very distinct feel of community. One that we would no longer accomplice as a everyday community. As Catherine Latterell, writer of the book “Remix” explains, there are three major assumptions made about communities: communities furnish us with an experience of stability, communities serve our wants and communities receive us for who we are. Although all three of the assumptions discussed by means of Latterell, are expected to be embedded into each community, the community at a health club challenges two of these assumptions and helps one of them. It is necessary to have specific communities for people to be a phase of and this is one that is very exclusive for others but is nevertheless a valued section of people’s day-to-day lives.

The first assumption that Latterell talks about is that neighbourhood gives a experience of stability. This is the assumption that the gym community does support. Going to the fitness centre each and every morning earlier than work or every night after school presents you with a routine which is essential in every day existence and affords stability. When you have someplace to go to release your power and not assume about duty it offers you time to suppose and clear your mind. The gym offers you a vicinity to do that. Latterell explains that communities hold balance “by establishing traditions and standards of behaviour for these who belong to them”. This would encompass actions such as carrying headphones if you favour to pay attention to music, or wiping down the tools after you use it. Although, carrying headphones makes it so there is no conversation with other members, that is what makes this community unique. You can go and now not communicate with others however there is nonetheless a feel of connection between everyone. The notion that there is not a schedule, no obligatory periods and you can go on your very own time, is appealing to people. It approves them to have a stable agenda of their personal instead than observe one of the community. Stability is key in maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

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Although the gym community represents the first assumption, the second one, that communities serve our needs, it’s no longer represented inside the community. The second assumption is that communities serve our needs. This declare as described through Latterell, is stated to be how humans anticipate that others inside their community will guide and supply us what “we need to lead productive and pleased lives”. She additionally states that when people speak about this assumption, they are no longer speak me solely about public carrier however the aid that is given to every member to help them attain their non-public goal. This is not represented in the fitness centre due to the fact human beings do now not go to the fitness centre to get sleep, get meals or get requirements needed to live. However, it is a location where you can go where there is a feel of all people encouraging their friends to get higher and work hard. You need to have others surrounding you to make you better. This can additionally vary from fitness centre to gym. Some gyms can also have extra people work out then leave, the place no one speaks an awful lot and besides a lot verbal exchange with different members, which would challenge this assumption in a way that a person’s needs are now not imposed. But different amenities may want to be greater inter-personal where there are personnel who push you and inspire you to be higher and all members of the gym, that are there at that time, will support different gymnasium goers as well. The fitness centre is not a location you go to meet your needs, however in a way provides a location to go where you can be stimulated and helped with the aid of others.

Furthermore, assumption three can also be challenged by means of the neighbourhood of a health club in some areas however no longer in others. Assumption three is that communities accept us for who we are. As defined in the book Remix, this declaration says that this is the notion of being an individual, with a community that does not favour to trade you. Also, the community wants to help you create networks and friendships. The part that challenges this notion in a gymnasium neighbourhood is that you do want to change. You prefer to emerge as a higher person, and get in higher shape, that is why you go to the gym. You go to get better, and do so through the environment. This task ought to in exchange, hurt the community. If a community is idea to be given absolutely everyone for who they are, but the reason you go to the community is to change, this could reason tension inside the environment. This ought to lead to contributors leaving the gym, or create holes in the community atmosphere. Also, most gyms that you go to you do now not do a lot of talking. It is now not like a book club or discussion group where you go and talk for hours. When you go to the gym, you do what you want to do then leave. This can lead to being in a position to be who you are except disturbing about judgement, which is some other claim in this assumption that is supported with the aid of this community.

In the essay “I Believe in Empathy” by Azar Nafisi, she talks about how empathy for others can be influenced by “political correctness” and how it is your creativeness that allows you to sense empathy closer to others. Nafisi says, “Only curiosity about the fate of others, the ability to put ourselves in their shoes, and the will to enter their world through the magic of imagination creates this shock of recognition.” I assume that this applies to the neighbourhood at a gym. When you go to the gym, you are going there for self-improvement. Also, when you go to the fitness centre you see others that are there for that identical reason. Maybe the man walking next to you has very terrible self confidence while on the treadmill or the obese female throughout the room desires an ab workout accomplice however is too involved about what you would assume about her, if she requested you. two If you can open your thinking to others and put yourself in their shoes you will reap empathy for others and possibly you will provide to be the woman’s exercise partner or push the man on the treadmill to work as difficult as he can without him feeling uncomfortable. This story explains the importance of empathy in community, and if each and every gymnasium community had this than maybe it would no longer challenge the assumption that each community accepts us for who we are.

Although all three assumptions are supported the neighbourhood of a gym, two of them had contradicting ideas. The sense that a community serves our wishes and that you can be who you want to be in a community are very accurate theories but are now not portrayed in each community. Just like in some methods they are no longer proven in a gym. But, the assumption that they furnish us with balance used to be not challenged at the gym. It is essential for humans to apprehend that there is no define to a community. Even though thru the three assumptions that Latterell explains are very common approaches for one to be thinking as, not every body is setup to comply with them. Every neighbourhood has a cause and it serves a motive in being the way it is. People want distinct guidelines for what they choose to be a section of and that’s what makes every community special in its very own way. Even although your wants are now not met and you can no longer be who you want to be at the gym, you are given a experience of stability there and that is what makes this neighbourhood different from others.


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