The Plot Of Minority Report (2002)

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Minority report is a movie made in 2002. by famous director Steven Spielberg. This is a science fiction movie that takes place in 2054. in Washington D.C. The main character in this movie is played by Tom Cruise who always gives impeccable performances. The storyline is based on a elite law enforcement squad that is called Precrime. The main task for this elite squad is to stop crimes before they even happen. Because this movie is based in the future the Precrime squad have their advantages in making their jobs easier. The Precrime squad uses three genetically altered humans called Pre-Cogs who see the future and predict if some crimes will happen. This makes the jobs of the Precrime squad much easier. Their main job is to analyze the crime that is going to happen and afterward go to the place of the crime and arrest the suspect. Using this technique, during the existence of the Precrime Squad no murder has ever happened. After the suspects are arrested they are brought to the facility where they are put to sleep by the device that is called Halo. The main character in this movie is a Precrime captain John Anderton. His life has not been easy due to disappearance of his son Sean. Since his son has been missing he turned to drugs, which in this movie are different than the ones that we know today. He became a drug addict while he also separated from his wife Lara. The story becomes interesting when captain Anderton gets a prediction of a murder in which he is the one that is supposed to be a killer. The Pre-cogs made a prediction that the captain will do this in 36 hours. He is going to kill a man named Leo Crow. This two men have not seen or met each other. Captain Anderton lost in his thougths does not know what to do and turns to Dr. Iris Hineman for advice who is also the creator of the Precrime techonology. She told him that sometimes there can be a misunderstanding amongst the Pre-Cogs. This means that someone is going to have another perception, most likely Agatha. This has never been told to anyone and has been a secret due to questionable accuracy of this techonology. After he found out what is the problem, captain Anderton tries to solve this problem and prove that he is not quilty. 

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