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The chart above illustrate the increasing number of people living on our planet over the last 12. 000 years (Roser, Ritchie, and Ortiz, 2019). The world population nowadays is 1,860 times the size of what it was 12 millennia ago when the world population was around four million half of the current population of London. The world population is grown rapidly, this rapid growth of population has effects on natural resources and the sustainability of organisms. This essay will cover the rapid population and its effects on natural resources, and how the consequences of sustainability of organisms.

The utilization overuse and misuse of physical resources increased manifold due to the growth of the human population. As it has been informed in the past greater population capacity means more mouths for food which requires more agricultural production ( Mittal, 2013). Air pollution is now not the only environmental damage being performed with the aid of the increasing population. Nowadays water air pollution is also one of the increasing troubles due to the population explosion. Water has viewed as the essence of life. As in the case of air pollution, the increasing population calls for growing numbers of factories, these factories lead to a variety of kinds of pollution along with water pollution (Mittal, 2013).

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The population proceeds to grow and tax natural resources. In areas of terrific population growth, fossil fuels, bushes, and water arable land can end up scarce because of overconsumption and degradation. Resources scarcity has several consequences which include the forced migration of people. In contrast, useful resource scarcity often leads to technological innovations that discover more efficient uses for resources (Cairoli, 2017). This has led to the Rising in Prices. Food, fuel, and energy prices rise when natural resources become scarce. An increased population means an increased demand for the availability of resources, if demand rises too quickly, resource scarcity outcomes and causes prices to rise for quite a few reasons. Non-renewable resources including fossil fuels can no longer be changed so prices increased when supplying, even renewable resources can increase in price they want to be shipped long distances to get to areas where natural resources have been depletion (Cairoli, 2017).

Greater people capacity means greater pollution,which can exacerbate the depletion of natural resources. when fossil fuels are burned down to generate power, carbon dioxide is released. This greenhouse gas traps warmness in the ecosystem and contributes to local weather change. Water useful resource and several animals and plants depend on a meals source ,several industrial processes release dangerous chemicals into the air and water as well (Cairoli, 2017).

When infrastructure development cannot maintain up with population growth, water shortages and sanitation troubles can occur (Cairoli, 2017). Almost one billion people lack get right of entry to clean water and greater than twice that many do no longer have public toilets. infection is a predominant purpose of disease, water associated health problem kills a human infant every 21 seconds (Cairoli, 2017), and marine species relying on the aquatic lifestyles will now not survive, these marine species have to be sustained for future technology because they are one of the sources we attain from the aquatic existence

This is called the Extinction of species, this high population rate has improved human activities, these activities are causing massive extinction of species .More than 1,1 billion human beings live in areas that conservation reflects on consideration on the richest in non-human species and most threatened by way of human activities (Mittal, 2013). The population in these biodiversity hotspots is developing at a collective price of 1,8 percentage yearly.


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