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Social networking is the root and answer to many of the problems that are common today. Social Networking has been growing and expanding for just a little time; just about 40 years. Throughout that time, we have seen many good things come out of social networking such as easy and instant communication, more business advertisement opportunities, and keeping up with current affairs but also some bad things such as less face to face interactions, cyberbullying, and the effects social networking has on teens minds and education. These things make Social networking a controversial topic to talk about in today’s society and make people raise the question, “is Social Networking really worth it?”.

The first pro to Social Networking that we can visibly see in today’s society, is the quick communication between others. Communication of this sort is everything from social media instant messaging a friend, or emailing a professor about a question you have. Finding help, free tutoring from your school, free online libraries, and so many more useful tools can be found on the internet. As you can see, these are all good reasons to have Social Networking, because it obviously helps and makes life easier for us. These connections mainly allow us to stay in touch with close friends and family by a simple act of picking up the phone and clicking a button or buttons and of course helping people everywhere with schooling or even business situations. Also, the ability to meet and socialize with people from all over the world is so amazing and is a great opportunity if done so. Social Networking also makes it possible for schooling, mainly college work, to be done and turned in via email or assignment manager. Professors can post assignments and students can turn in those assignments easily with just a click of a couple of buttons. In fact, 59% of high schools use social networking for educational purposes and 96% of teens are reported using and social networking tech. Everything nowadays is done online with Google Docs or Microsoft word and turned online as well, making life easier for business people, students, teachers, and etc.

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Social Networking is also used for advertising, as a way to reach customers and potential buyers for so many products that we see in stores. “The report found 41 per cent of businesses expect to use Twitter for business activities in twelve months from now, compared with 29 per cent using Twitter now”( Workplace). 97 % of small businesses use social networking to advertise their products. Why do they trust social networking to get their product more attention and clout? Because advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook really do work, speaking from experience, many people are just scrolling through their feed and will see an ad for something that interests them. Businesses such as SHEIN and Romwe, are often seen on Instagram and from experience, are effective to teenagers my age. These two businesses have taken the clothing business to a whole different level that teenagers my age love and are willing to pay money for. This attracts more and more customers as they gain more credibility and attention and that goes the same for other platforms. On Facebook, businesses spend about $900 to $1600+ per month and see a difference in more customers and a higher chance of gaining customers due to their advertisement. They are also seeing it as more effective because of the number of people who are willing to buy. About 76% of US shoppers shop online throughout the year or regularly. Through these companies, we are able to buy, order, share, etc., things we like and are willing to buy. Websites including Amazon and clothing companies get business. We are able to order merchandise with the click of a button.

Social Networking also allows us, people all over the world, to stay updated on upcoming news and weather forecasts and to share money and supplies in a time of need. Television and even Social Media allow us to know what is going on on the other side of the world at this very moment. By knowing what the other side of the world is going through, we can also help as much as we can by sending people who are willing to help in natural disasters, or even supplies to help those in need. By staying updated on the situations that are occurring around us, such as mass shootings or the rise in needy people, we are able to share this cause on all types of Social Networking platforms and also join the cause, with again, a few clicks of a button. And speaking of funding natural disasters, there are several apps on a mobile device that allows people to share money with others via technology. All they would need to do is sign in with your credit card information. This could also help in a natural disaster situation or just somebody you don’t know who is in need of money for a certain situation. Twitter is a very common calling platform where people post a need for money with the reason they need it, and by the time you know it, so many people have already donated to their cause out of the kindness of their heart It isn’t just used for natural disasters. Many people use services such as Uber and uber eats which has to do with the same concept. Social Networking is being seen as the banks of the future. Through our mobile devices, we are able to download apps and software to make mobile deposits into your bank. A picture and your money can be located in your bank account within 3 hours depending on your bank. The use of technology and Social Networking is very useful for small businesses on the go or just handy to have in you are in a rush, and this is why people like the idea of instant deposit very much. Depositing on the go and being able to help in the time of a natural disaster is a great thing to be able to do, and we are only able to do it with our new and improved technology.

Although there are many good things that Social Networking can bring to the world, there are also alarming things such as less face to face interactions. Face to face interaction are obviously an important part in making more relationships and becoming more social. Face to Face interactions are hard to have when teens and adults use Social networking very heavily to communicate with others and even for work or schooling. Less interactions come when emailing a professor instead or having to go talk to them or texting a friend for an assignment instead of talking to them in person. Most people prefer to study and prepare online rather ten ask for help in person because it is way more convenient. It is a lot simpler to choose to stay in the comfort of our homes then to go talk to somebody for, whether it be for school or work. We have all the resources we need right here, on our laptops and mobile devices, that there is no need for that. Both of these situations happen daily and very often. The loss of face to face interactions can lead to losses of relationships. In 2018 there were reportedly about 50% faded relationships or relationships that were lost amongst people who sent too much time on Social Networking sites. less face to face interactions are linked to bigger issues such as depression or loneliness from the lack of close interactions with others.

One of the worst effects we see from Social Networking is the cyberbullying and cruelty some teens face online. cyberbullying can obviously take place online behind a screen, but in most cases, the bullying is carried over into real life, for example, at school. The bullying is carried over into a victims personal life and can make someone feel trapped and like they have nowhere to go. That is why cyberbullying is a very serious matter and is trying to be stopped in schools everywhere, because it is such a big issue. The sad fact of the matter is that in the last year, there were 4,000 cyberbulling cases that resulted in suicide in the U.S. 4,000 teen my age, who feel trapped enough to take their own life. Cyberbullying causes those unnecessary acts of violence is exactly why it is on the lookout and gives Social Networking a bad name. Many people are abandoning Social Networking because it also changes the perspective teens and young adults hold. According to a study, people who used more Social Networking were more antisocial, more likely to become depressed, and more likely to have anxiety. Why so many risks people may ask? Because the stress of not getting as much likes on a posted picture as somebody else can cause a tween, teen, or young adult to become insecure and distracted by social media. This is a stress comes from the need to feel liked or popular because of how many likes and shares your picture has. So many other problems stem from social media like sleep deprivation and can affect education and how teens learn.

Sleep deprivation and unfocused ness are some main problems teens face when they are given too much time on Social Media. Without any boundaries or time limits on the phone or device, there is really no limit to when a teen has to stop searching social media and do more productive things such as homework or reading a book. Because of this, teens are distracted by what’s going on around them more than knowing what they have to get done. For example, they may be distracted from doing school work and homework and pick up the phone to scroll social media “quickly” but in reality, it takes up most of their time and we don’t know how to stop, speaking from experience. This sleep deprivation and unfocused could affect teens in their education and path to learning. Teens are so unfocused because in fact, in 2017, 68.9 per cent of teens in a study were found to have insufficient sleep the night before school. In these teens, we could see signs of mood swings and trouble thinking out, solving situations, and memorizing simple things. When teens started to take more breaks from social networking, and instead did some work for a couple of weeks, they were seen to have better levels of anxiety, and their stats were better than the first time around when there was no phone limits. Anxiety comes from over use of Social Networking specifically because of all the stresses and expectations that “aren’t met” again, leading to cyberbullying.

I learned that social networking is actually a big part of our daily lives and without it, we wouldn’t be able to do things normally like we would on a daily basis. Social networking is built into our lives as young adults and it continues to become more of a depending factor for us whether it be for school or work. We are very dependent on social networking and if it was taken from the world, I believe, most of us would be lost and without jobs.

Social Networking will always be a controversial topic in society because of its good and bad aspects. For the most part, the bad outweighs the good due to the amount of teens that are being cyber bullied and the casualties that come along with that. Although this is a major problem that shouldn’t continue due to carelessness and arrogance, there are other ways to stop or lower the rate of cyberbullying. Teens can be limited to social media by apps used on phones or devices that can be downloaded and worked by a parents. This issue can be fixed, and besides this issue, the effects of Social Networking are mainly good. In the long run. Social networking and the growth of technology will help people of all ages and if we can eliminate those major problems in the causes in social media, it will only benefit us in the future.“…digital social networking works best regardless of the age because it brings people connected in real life.”(Goldsborough) 


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