The Road Not Taken And William Dawson’s There Is A Difference Comparison Of The Road Not Taken And There Is A Difference

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Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken and William Dawson’s There is a difference, both convey the message of Life decisions and what choice a person should take in your life and should you regret these decisions or embrace them. Each poem utilisations of text structures and language features have been quite effective and has differed to represent each poet’s views in the most effective way possible.

Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken is a poem telling of a person being stuck at the fork of the road and needing to choose what road to walk down on, Language features are used throughout the poem to effectively represent Robert Frost’s views. An example of this is the use of an extended metaphor in the actual road itself in the poem, with the road representing life’s paths and the fork in the road representing an important decision in a person’s life needing to be made. This metaphor Symbolises Robert Frosts views excellent.

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Robert Frost’s use of text structures and poetic devices were quite effective and laid out throughout the poem to enhance Robert Frost’s views in the reader while they are reading it. Examples of such text structures and poetic devices is Assonance in line 9 “though as far that the passing” the use of repetition of the ‘a’ and ‘o’ sound in quick successions is used to convey the importance of the line, More examples of Assonance is littered throughout the poem. The poetic structure of “The Road Not Taken” comprises of a four stanzas with 5 lines in each stanza, consisting of the rhyming scheme ABAAB. Overall Robert Frost’s use of the poetic devices and text structures have been quite effective to convey he’s ideas towards the readers.

William Dawson’s there is a difference describes a person’s life choices to make them the person they are. Figurative devices are such as assonance with the repeated ending sounds throughout the poem with the first 2 lines in the stanzas ending in the same sound and the last 3 lines ending in the same sound. The poetic structure of There is a difference is a 5 stanza with 5 lines in each. Overall William Dawson uses a range of devices to portray he’s message in a poetic manner.

Robert Frost and William Dawson use a variety of figurative features and poetic devices to structure their poems to best suit their intended message being that off life decisions needing to be and have been made and how that will effect a person later on their life and if those life choices should be regretted or should be embraced. But overall Robert frosts The Road Not Taken us the better poem out of the two as it uses more poetic and language devices to implement he’s message into the readers minds.

Robert frosts The Road Not Taken and William Dawson’s there is a difference are two poems which talk about a decision needing to be made in your life. Both poems portray this message but Robert frosts poem portrays it better in almost every way.


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