Essays on The Stranger

The Stranger: Meursault Analysis

The Stranger by Albert Camus is a novel about Meursault, a character who’s different and even threatening views on life take him to pay the highest price a person can pay: his life. The novel embodies philosophies of existentialism and absurdism. Existentialist and absurdist philosophies entail principles regarding that one’s identity is not based on...
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The Stranger: Existentialism in A Novel

Every people have their own philosophy around the world. Therefore, many people can all take a different view of morality with different philosophies. In the book “The Stranger” by the author Albert Camus. In this book, there are three different point of view, one is The Irrationality of the Universe, another one is The Meaninglessness...
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Moral Issues In The Stranger By Albert Camus

Morality is an essential aspect of life among individuals in the world, but the scenario is different for Albert Camus, as evident in the novel The Stranger. He approaches the issue of morality within his novel through various themes that suggest his stance on the subject. His approach is ensuring that people should understand the...
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